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    LOT 440
Very Scarce and Desirable Pre-World War II British Winchester Pattern 14 No. 3 Mk I* (T) A
Bolt Action Sniper Rifle with Aldis Scope and Matching Numbered Mount - Serial no. W193100, 303 British cal., 26 inch round bbl., blue finish, walnut stock. This
seldom encountered variation of Pattern 14 sniper rifle was converted to this configuration
during the inter-war period. Sniper rifles in this configuration were primarily used as training rifles at the
  various sniper schools in England before the development of the British Enfield No. 4 Mk I (T) sniper rifles, which became
the standard World War II British sniper rifle. These were built in a few different configurations utilizing surplus World War I British
Pattern 14 service rifles and leftover prismatic rifle scopes of the period, which were removed from British depot stores for use in
the conversion. This rifle, originally made as a standard Pattern 14, had its protective ears on the rear receiver bridge around
the rear sight completely milled off in the inter-war period and is fitted with a left side mounted surplus World War I
production Aldis Brothers No. 3 scope in a long bridge type mount. This configuration is designated as the No. 3 Mk I* (T)
A, with the “A” indicating Aldis. They were reportedly not issued for actual field use during World War II, because they did
not conform to the standard over the bore configuration like the No. 4 Mk I (T) sniper rifle that was adopted in late 1941.
Only approximately 400 were made. The top of the receiver ring is blank except for the “Crown/BNP” firing proof, and the
“W” prefix serial number is on the lower right edge. The barrel is also correctly unmarked and undated. The left side of the
receiver has the small British broad arrow proof followed by the “Crossed Pennants” over a single “P” proof, indicating that
the rifle was accepted by the British Government. The rifle, as noted, is fitted with a No. 3 Aldis Brothers scope that is held
in an Alex Martin mount. The mount is soldered to the underside of the scope. The front portion of the mount is attached
to the upper area of the barrel and the left rear of the receiver. The left of the mount is matching serial numbered “193100” to the rifle. The
World War I surplus scope has the standard three post reticle, marked “ALDIS BROTHERS/BIRMINGHAM/No 67732./1916.” on the objective in four lines and inscribed
with number “7320” on the tube. The rifle has the correct matching numbered Winchester Pattern 14 bolt. It has the correct, 1914 pattern full length semi-pistol grip walnut stock with finger grooves
on the sides fitted with the base (only) for the volley sight on the left side. The right side of the buttstock has the standard “circled IW/PATT 14” markings followed by the brass unit disc marked “NP/29”.
Information and pictures of other examples of these No. 3 Mk I* (T) A sniper rifles can be found on pages 101-103 of the book “The British Sniper” by Ian Skennerton.
CONDITION: Very fine with 80% plus of the correct arsenal refurbished blue/black metal finish, light wear overall, loss on the barrel bands, and the bolt arsenal polished. Stock is also very fine with some
scattered dings and light handling marks. The scope and mount retain 85% of their black painted finish overall, with finish loss on the objective, and hazy optics. Mechanically excellent. A very scarce example of a British Winchester Pattern 14 No.3 Mk I* (T) A sniper rifle that would make a fi
Estimate: 8,500 - 13,000
I (T) Enfield Bolt Action Sniper Rifle - Serial no. D31526, 303 British cal., 25 inch round bbl., black/blue finish, hardwood stock. This BSA manufactured No. 4 Mk. I (T) Enfield Sniper rifle is fitted with a No. 32 Mk. I scope and mount. “M47C/ ENGLAND/1944/D31526/TR” marked on the left of the stock socket. The comb of the stock has a hardwood cheekpiece held on with two wood screws. Standard blade front sight and “N67” marked ladder rear sight with the peep correctly removed. The correct British acceptance proofs are located on the underside of the stock at the front of the forend and the wrist along with “S51” behind the pistol grip area indicating conversion by H&H. What appears to be “32326” (a few numbers are overstamped) is stamped on the underside of the forend and “24438” is stamped on top of the wrist. The scope is marked “TEL. SIGHTING/No 32 MK/W/1942 No 2311/OS 466 A/(broad arrow)” on the tube, and it has the standard post and cross-hair reticle pattern. Cast scope mount marked “AS9379”. The top and bottom half of the scope rings are marked “52” and “53”. Includes a reproduction brown leather sling and leather scope covers. CONDITION: Very fine, retains 90% wartime arsenal applied blackened oil finish on the receiver, bolt, stock socket, bands and trigger guard, and 80% original blue finish on the barrel and forend cap with a few small areas of light pitting. Wood is also very fine with defined edges, some light handling marks, and crisp stampings. Mechanically excellent. Scope and mount are both very fine with 90% blue finish on the tube with some scattered scratches and 70% black paint on the brass adjustment base with some flaking, and crisp/clear optics. Absent caps on the scope adjustment turrets.
 ne addition to any British Military or sniper collection.
 LOT 441
Exceptional World War II British BSA No. 4 Mk.
 Estimate: 5,500 - 7,500 345

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