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  Sheerin and Glass sold the rifle to National Gun Traders, Inc. of Miami, Florida. It was purchased from them by
Jim Voulgaris of Texas and subsequently purchased by Gene R. Rourke of San Antonio, Texas, in 1966 and Patrick J. Wagner of Shriner, Texas, in 1967. Lewis’s book also notes that it was once in the collection of Leo Bradshaw. Invoices and other details from the past sales are also recorded in the documents. One from the sale of the
rifle to Wagner states that “This rifle won the Texas Gun Collector Association award for the most outstanding weapon of the show at San Antonio, Texas, on September 27, 1966.”
CONDITION: Fine. The historic “One of One Thousand” inscription, engraving, and visible markings remain distinct. The gold inlaid inscription remains bright, and the silver bands at the muzzle and breech display an attractive well-aged patina. The balance of the barrel and magazine tube display mottled dark brown patina with hints of original blue finish remaining in the protected areas such as at the breech end and just ahead of the forend cap. The nickel plated action and furniture retain 80% plus of the aged original nickel plating mixed with patches of dark patina. The loading gate, sights, and trigger retain original niter blue finish, strongest on the rear barrel sight base, and the lever and hammer have light patterns of original case colors visible and gray and brown patina.
The stock and forearm remain very fine and display highly attractive figure, crisp checkering with minor wear, several minor dings and scratches appropriate for a rifle actually used to take game down in Texas in the late
19th century, strong original finish mainly on the butt, and mild handling and storage wear overall. The rifle remains mechanically excellent, including the adjustable single set trigger. This is an incredible chance to get your hands on an incredible “One of One Thousand” marked Winchester Model 1873 with one-of-a-kind 32 inch extra length barrel gold inlaid with the owner’s name and
his home city of Houston. This would definitely be a worthy centerpiece for any American arms collection and especially a collection based in Texas.
Provenance: Larry Sheerin & Herb Glass; National Gun Traders, Inc.; The Jim Voulgaris Collection; The Gene R. Rourke Collection; The Patrick J. Wagner Collection; The Leo Bradshaw Collection; Property of a Gentleman.
Estimate: 180,000 - 275,000

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