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 In the American Southwest, he was also well-known to be ruthless, and many innocent victims were robbed, shot, and killed by Villa and his men on both sides of the border. After his death, Villa remained a national hero, especially in Northern Mexico, for his fight on behalf of the common people. A century later, he remains one of the most popular figures of the Mexican Revolution and is one of the most famous people in all of the history of Mexico. CONDITION: Very fine. The engraving, Francisco Villa inscriptions, and other markings remain crisp. The revolver retains 80% of the delicate gold and has the original factory nickel plated backing exposed where the gold has faded. The fading is mainly along
the top of the revolver on the back strap, top strap, and along
the flutes of the ejector housing. There is considerably more gold remaining than is commonly found on the few other known factory gold plated First Generation Colt Single Action Revolvers, and the
revolver was clearly well-cared for. The cylinder has some faint drag lines, and overall the wear is mostly limited to light handling and storage type marks. The grips are also very fine and have attractive natural iridescent colors, very minor flakes at the toe, and a distinct carved eagle head. Mechanically excellent. The commemorative silver coins are excellent. This is an incredible piece of Colt firearms and Mexican history. Very few Colt Single Action Revolvers were factory engraved and gold plated and very, very few revolvers inscribed to Pancho Villa remain today. It is our privilege to bring this historic Colt to auction in the year of the 100th anniversary of Pancho Villa’s death.
Provenance: The A.F. Sykes Collection; The Art Angelini Collection; The Joe Buffer Collection; The Greg Martin Collection, The George F. Gamble Collection.
Estimate: 650,000 - 950,000

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