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    LOT 151
Outstanding and Rare Early Production “Pregnant Frame” Variant Colt Third Model
“Thuer” Derringer with “Coin Purse” Style Case -
Serial no. 507, 41 RF cal., 2 1/2 inch round bbl., nickel finish, rosewood grips. These derringers were introduced in 1870 and totaled around 48,000 produced. The top
of the barrel has a rounded blade front sight and rare “COLT” in small block letters as seen only on the
earliest “pregnant frame” derringers. The hammer is the
early production “high” variant and it has the raised bolster on
the forward bottom portion of the “bulbous” frame. The three-digit serial
number, “507”, is stamped on the left of the grip frame under the grip and on the bottom of the
barrel. It is fitted with a pair of smooth rosewood grips. Included with this desirable derringer is
a very rare, grey suede coin purse style case with a metal clasp top, perfect for protecting the little
derringer while stashed away in a gentleman’s coat pocket or lady’s purse. Cases such as this are incredibly scarce today due to the materials they’re made of. CONDITION: Excellent plus, retains 99% of the original nickel finish and 40% of the delicate original nitre blue with some scattered light handling marks. The grips are
also excellent with a few scattered light handling marks. Mechanically excellent. The rare coin purse case is very fine with some light wear. A chance to own quite possibly the finest known early production “bulbous frame” example of a Colt Third Model derringer!
Provenance: The George S. Lewis Jr. Collection.
Estimate: 6,500 - 8,500
LOT 152
Phenomenal Silver Plated Factory Engraved National Arms Co. No. 1 Derringer with Very Scarce 2 Inch Barrel - Serial no. 113, 41 RF cal., 2 inch flat top round
bbl., silver finish, metal grips. Around 6,000 of these No.
1 derringers were manufactured by Moore’s Patent Firearms and the National
Arms Co. from 1860 to 1870, with the total production roughly equally split between the two, making these derringers by either manufacturer quite scarce. The National Arms Co. was acquired in its entirety in 1870
by Colt, who continued making the pistols under their name. Making this specific derringer even more rare, is that it’s fitted with a 2 inch
barrel, which is estimated to only be seen only 200 of the National Arms Co. No. 1 derringers. This example has the standard flourishes of factory scroll
engraving, a blade front sight, and very attractive full silver plated finish. CONDITION: Excellent, retains 95% plus of the original silver finish which shows an attractively aged patina, a few patched of light wear showing the attractively aged brass beneath, and crisp engraving overall. Mechanically excellent. These National Arms Co. No. 1 derringers are rare in their own right,
this example with a 2 inch barrel is truly scarce!
Provenance: The George S. Lewis Jr. Collection.
Estimate: 4,750 - 6,500

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