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LOT 184
Extraordinary Connecticut Arms & Manufacturing Co. Hammond Bulldog Single Shot Pistol with Rare Original Box and Ammunition - Serial no. 2592, 44 RF cal., 4 inch octagon bbl., blue/casehardened finish, hard rubber grips. The Bulldog was manufactured from 1866 to the 1880s and uses a rotating breechblock that interlocks with the hammer at the time of discharge. It has blade and notch sights, “CONNECTICUT ARMS & MANF’G Co NAUBUC CONN.” on the barrel, “2” on the breech face, “PATENTED OCT. 25. 1864” on the breechblock, “5” on the left side of the back strap, and the matching serial number on the left side at the toe and inside of the left grip panel at the top. A dot pattern box with a cartridge block containing six cartridges is included. Includes the original box.
CONDITION: Excellent plus. The pistol is near new overall aside from some insignificant storage type marks. Mechanically excellent. The rare original box is very good with mild storage type wear and the cartridge block loose. This is easily one of the finest, if not the finest, Hammond Bulldogs extant.
Estimate: 4,500 - 7,000
  LOT 185
Very Fine Plants Mfg. Co. Third Model Front Loading “Army” Revolver - Serial no. 9028, 42 cup-primed cal., 5 inch solid rib bbl., blue/silver finish, rosewood grips. Manufactured in the mid-1860s. This Third Model revolver has the “MERWIN & BRAY NEW YORK” address on top of the barrel rib. The Plant front loading revolver was designed to circumvent the Rollin White patent on bored-through cylinders and has 1859 and 1863 patent markings stamped on cylinder. The patents were owned by W.C. Ellis and J. H. White. Many of these revolvers were likely used as privately purchased sidearms during the Civil War. It has German silver blade front and frame groove rear sights, a silver plated brass frame, blued barrel and cylinder, casehardened hammer, and smooth varnished two-piece rosewood grips. The matching serial number is marked on the butt and the underside of the right grip panel. “APC” stamped on the butt of the frame and a collection inventory number “KM273” painted in white with a varnish overcoat. CONDITION: Very fine, retains 80% original high polish blue finish on the barrel, 30% original blue finish on the cylinder with smooth brown patina on the balance, and 90% original silver finish on the frame and sideplate. Grips are fine with scattered light dings, some light surface crazing, and defined edges. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 1,500 - 2,500
LOT 186
Rare Sharps Second Type Breech Loading Single Shot Percussion Pistol - Serial no.
683, 36 cal., 6 1/2 inch round bbl., blue finish, walnut grips. Reportedly, 850 breech loading
pistols were manufactured by C. Sharps & Co. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania circa 1854-1857.
Of these, approximately 350 were this second variation. This second type pistol has a .36 caliber
round barrel, lever activated dropping block action similar to that found on Sharps rifles, a pellet primer that is integral
with the frame, brass blade front sight with integral notch rear sight in the frame, adjustable trigger and one-piece walnut
grip. “C. SHARPS & CO’S/RIFLE WORKS/PHILA. PA.” marked on the right of the frame, and “C. SHARPS/PATENT/1848-52”
marked on the left of the frame. The serial number “683” is marked on the front and left of the grip frame, rear of the breech
block, and stamped on the underside of both grip panels.
CONDITION: Good with brown and gray patina, and scattered mild pitting, with some traces of original blue finish. The grips are fine with scattered scratches and a few dings, and much of the original varnish finish. Mechanically excellent. These Sharps single shot pistols are rarely seen in any condition today.
Estimate: 2,750 - 4,250

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