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Rare Documented Civil War Confederate Griswold and Gunnison Percussion Revolver Attributed as Carried by Private John A. Morris of the 7th Mississippi Cavalry with Letters of Provenance - Serial no. 1123,
36 cal., 7 1/2 inch round bbl., blue/bright finish, walnut grips. This is a fine original example of a Colt Model 1851 Navy type percussion revolver that was manufactured by Samuel Griswold and Arvin Gunnison at Griswoldville, Georgia. Griswold & Gunnison manufactured approximately 3,700 revolvers and were the largest Confederate handgun maker during the Civil War. This exact revolver is pictured in the book “Civil War Relics from Georgia” by David and Celeste Topper on page 96 where the caption states, “This first model Griswold & Gunnison revolver, serial number 1123, was manufactured in Griswoldville, Jones County, Georgia (near Macon) circa May, 1863. This specific revolver was carried during the Civil War by Private John A. Morris, Company ‘E’, 7th Mississippi Cavalry, CSA.” This exact revolver is also pictured and documented in the book “Confederate Presentation & Inscribed Swords & Revolvers” on pages 308-309 which also states this revolver belonged to “John A. Morris, 1828- was known as Jesse and was from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, but was farming near Rock Ford, Mississippi, when the darkness of war fell upon America. He mustered into the ranks of the first Company G 1st Regiment Mississippi Partisan Rangers on September 1, 1862, as a private. Later during the war, they were Company E 7th Mississippi Cavalry in the regular army.” Includes letters of provenance including a 1976 dated notarized letter from Stella A. Foote, wife of Don C. Foote, stating it was
acquired by them in 1950 from a descendant of John A. Morris, and the revolver remained in the hands of the original family prior to the aforementioned sale. Also includes a copy of a military identification card of John A. Morris with his company “E” and “Mississippi Cav.” and a Mississippi Department of Archives soldier search paper with John A. Morris listed as “Co. E, First Partisan Reg’t.” Consignor notes state that Private John A. Morris carried this revolver until his surrender at Holly Springs, Mississippi, on May 4th, 1865. This exact revolver is also pictured on page 58 of The American Society of Arms Collectors Bulletin number 71 for the October 12th-16th, 1994, meeting at Houston, Texas. Also includes a December 1955 dated “Quarterly Journal of Studies in Civil War History” with a historical background of the Mississippi Partisans. This standard model revolver has a round barrel lug with round barrel, brass frame, brass trigger guard, and brass back strap. The six-shot cylinder has six rectangular stops, and safety pins between the percussion nipples. The hammer has crude knurling on the spur. The revolver has a one-piece walnut grip. The revolver, correctly, has no maker identification; however, it has the cryptic marks found on most Griswold & Gunnison revolvers. The letter “M” is stamped on the right surface of the front and rear straps and rear surface of the frame. “X” is stamped on the left surface of the front and rear straps. “13” is stamped on the loading lever and left surface of the rear strap. A faint “W” is stamped on the right side of the barrel lug. The full serial number is stamped underneath the barrel lug, frame, trigger guard, and side of the cylinder. These well made revolvers are one of the most desirable Confederate made Civil War handguns.

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