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Desirable Winchester Repeating Arms Co. Single “W” Cartridge Display Board - This Winchester Repeating Arms “W” cartridge board was manufactured around the 1890s and measures approximately 38x51 inches including the outer oak frame. These cartridge board advertisements would have been a common sight in sporting goods retailer’s shops around the turn of the century, and were an excellent, eye-catching way for Winchester to gain a leg. The cartridges and components represented range from the tiny BB cap to the massive 4
most desirable cartridge on the board is the extremely rare 70-150 caliber that was intended for use in the Model 1887 shotgun, but never put into production. The main cartridge display forms a large “W” clearly signifying Winchester, and the background has attractive vignettes of a western hunter on the plains firing a Winchester while using his horse for cover and two hunters armed with Winchesters in a winter scene while the center has a brace of ducks suspended from the “H” trademark. The back has the standard “PRESENTED WITH COMPLIMENTS/OF THE/Winchester Repeating Arms Co./PLEASE HANG IN A PROMINENT PLACE.” label.
CONDITION: Very good overall, the board itself showing some mild age
related fading and a few scattered
handling marks, attractive age
darkened patina on the cartridges
with a few showing some absent
sections, the frame shows some scattered light handling/storage marks and a few cracks, and the rear label has a few tears. A fantastic piece to enhance the display of any fine Winchester collection!
Estimate: 25,000 - 40,000
24 gauge and total over 100 items not counting the individual caps. The

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