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   LOT 19 Attractive Volcanic Repeating Arms 6-Inch “Belt Model” Navy Lever Action Pistol - Serial no. 699, 41 Volcanic cal., 6 1/8 inch octagon bbl., blue/brass finish, walnut grips. The various “Volcanic” pistols and carbines manufactured by Smith & Wesson, then Volcanic Repeating Arms Co., and then followed by the New Haven Arms Co. are historic firearms that represent incremental steps in the evolution of American lever action firearms and ultimately led to the innovative Henry lever action rifle and the Winchester rifles that
followed. Production of these firearms connected a whole host of influential figures in 19th century American firearms history, most famously Oliver Winchester, whose investment in the Volcanic Repeating Arms Company in 1855 led to the creation of the New Haven Arms Co. and then the establishment of the historic Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Only around 600 of these Large Frame 6-inch “Belt Model” Navy pistols were manufactured by the Volcanic Repeating Arms Co. in 1855-1857. The pistol has the distinctive “brass” (gunmetal) frame, a 6 inch octagon barrel, integral magazine, and loading lever with finger hole. The barrel has a “pinched” blade front sight. A fixed notch rear sight is mounted in a dovetail near the back of the frame. The top of the barrel is roll-stamped with the lightly stamped legend: “THE VOLCANIC/REPEATING ARMS CO./PATENT NEWHAVEN CONN. FEB. 14. 1854.” in three lines. The serial number is stamped on the right side of the loading lever, the left side of the frame underneath the grip, and on the inside of both grips. All of the visible serial numbers match. CONDITION: Very fine with 80% original blue finish remaining on the barrel and magazine, loose front sight, polished frame which is regaining aged patina and has minor marks and scratches, most of the niter blue finish remaining on the smaller parts, over half of the fading original case colors remaining on the hammer, and spots of minor oxidation. The lever ll not fully cock the hammer, but it is otherwise mechanically fine. The grips are also very fine and have mild lower edge wear, minor dings and scratches, and Estimate: 11,000 - 16,000
LOT 20
Fine New Haven Arms Co. Volcanic No. 1 Lever Action Pocket Pistol - Serial no.
1483, 31 Volcanic cal., 3 3/4 inch octagon bbl., blue/brass finish, walnut grips. The Volcanic lever action firearms are historically significant
American firearms and are key links in the evolutionary tree that led to the Henry lever action
rifle and the creation of Winchester Repeating Arms Co. and its innovative lever action rifles popular in the
American West. The Volcanic repeaters were mainly hampered by their underpowered and often problematic ammunition but set the stage for further innovation. This is one of only an estimated 850 “No. 1 4 inch Pocket pistols” manufactured by the New Haven Arms Co. of
New Haven, Connecticut, in 1857-1862. The pistol has the distinctive octagon barrel with integral six-shot magazine, round finger hole in the lever and flat bottom grips. The pistol is fitted with a pinched blade front sight on the barrel and a notch rear sight at the rear of the frame. The top barrel flat is
marked “NEW HAVEN CONN./PATENT FEB. 14. 1854.” Both grip panels are numbered to the gun. CONDITION: Fine with 40% original blue finish on the barrel
and magazine, flaking to smooth brown and gray patina, attractive aged patina on the very fine action, 50% of the
muted original case colors on the hammer, bright niter blue on some of the small parts, light scratches and dings, and generally minor age and storage related wear overall. The grips are also fine and have most of the glossy finis
remaining, minor edge wear, and light handling marks. The hammer doesn’t fully cock when the lever is run, but the pistol is otherwise mechanically fine. Estimate: 6,500 - 9,500

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