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 LOT 455
Extremely Rare Fabrique Nationale U.S. M240B “Bravo” Belt Fed Medium Machine Gun, Class III/NFA Fully Transferable Machine Gun - Serial no. U27302, 7.62x51mm NATO (308)
cal., 22 inch round bbl., phosphate finish, synthetic stock. Rock Island Auction Company is privileged and honored to offer this extremely rare fully transferable Fabrique Nationale U.S. M240B belt fed machine gun; an iconic U.S. military machine gun that is
in widespread active military service today. Reportedly, there are as few as only 11 fully transferable FN M240 machine guns in the registry, making this an incredibly rare opportunity to acquire one. Otherwise, there are approximately 17 pre-86 dealer samples, and the remainder are government property and will never be released to the public for sale. We cannot stress enough how rare of an opportunity this is to be able to acquire one! M240 is the official U.S. military designation for the FN MAG family of belt fed gas operated medium machine guns.

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