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 LOT 456
Very Scarce and Desirable Knight’s Armament Co.
Stoner Model 63A Light Machine Gun, Class III/NFA Fully Transferable Machine Gun - Serial no. 127, 5.56x45 mm cal., 20 inch heavy round bbl., black/phosphate finish, synthetic stock. One of the many notable products of American arms designer Eugene Stoner (of AR10, M16/AR15, and AR-18/180 fame, among others), the genesis of the 63 was in the early 60s, shortly after his departure from Armalite. Working with Cadillac-Gage, Stoner developed a modular weapon system, intended to be capable
of a radical degree of customization at the field armorer level, creating a receiver that could be reconfigured rapidly for mission and environment; while a number of modern weapons designs have touched on this sort of flexibility, this was an exceptional
338 capability for the era.

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