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 CONDITION: Very fine with 98% of the professionally restored/refurbished metal finish with a professionally restored/replaced stock. Undoubtedly this rifle saw considerable use during testing, and it having survived at all after the war is actually quite miraculous. It is now available on the collecting market! The markings are clear and discernible, and
  According to "Military Rifles of Japan" by authors Fred Honeycutt, Jr. and F. Patt Anthony, twenty-four Koishikawa Army Arsenal prototype semi-automatic rifles were submitted for the 1937 tests, twelve of which has 26.4 inch barrels and twelve with 22.5 inch barrels.
   the mechanism functions correctly. This is a very rare and interesting pre-war Japanese experimental Pedersen Test/Trails rifle missing from even the most advanced military collections!
Estimate: 35,000 - 50,000

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