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   LOT 499
Very Scarce Irish Contract Winchester Pattern 14 No. 3. Mk I* (T) Bolt Action Sniper
Rifle with Matching Number BSA Scope - Serial no. W217367, 303 British cal., 26 inch round bbl.,
blue finish, walnut stock. This is a fine example of a scarce Winchester Pattern 14 sniper rifle fitted with BSA Model 1918 Telescopic
Sight. This is one of approximately 75 Pattern 14 MK I*W(T) rifles that were arsenal refurbished by the British for the Irish Free State during the early 1930s. The Irish Pattern 14 Sniper Rifles were never actually issued for use during World War II with most being sold as surplus in the United States by the Irish government during the 1950s. The back side of the rear scope mount has the distinctive circled “FF” Irish Free State marking and the telescopic sight tube is stamped with the three stacked rifles trademark above “B.S.A.” on top, the matching serial number “217367” on the left,
with the rear eyepiece marked “1918/MODEL”. The long range aperture sight on the receiver and left of the forearm were likely removed during
the sniper conversion. The rifle serial number was covered by the front scope mount as part of the sniper modification, and the serial number “W217367” is panta-graphed on the right of the rear sight protector. Matching serial number “217367” on the bolt handle. Winchester “W” markings on the inside of the buttplate trap door, bolt handle, bayonet lug, and front sight. The British “Broad Arrow” property mark is on the receiver, and British proof and inspection marks are on the receiver and bolt handle. Includes a tan canvas sling and leather lens caps.
CONDITION: Very fine with 85% of the arsenal refurbished blue finish remaining overall, with scattered light pitting underneath the finish.
The brass components on the scope retain 70% of their black painted exterior finish collectively, and the scope has slightly hazy optics.
The refinished stock is very good, having been lightly sanded overall at the time of the conversion. Mechanically excellent. A very scarce,
Irish contract Pattern 14 MkI* W (T) sniper rifle with the 1918 pattern sniper scope.
Estimate: 11,000 - 16,000
 LOT 500
Exceptional World War II British BSA No. 4 Mk I (T) Enfield Bolt Action Sniper
Rifle with Scope - Serial no. C31820, 303 British cal., 25 inch round bbl., blue/black finish,
walnut stock. This BSA manufactured No. 4 Mk I (T) Enfield sniper rifle is fitted with a No. 32 Mk II scope and mount. “M47C/1944/
C31820/TR” marked on the left of the stock socket. The comb of the stock has a walnut cheekpiece held on with two wood screws. Standard
blade front sight and absent rear sight. Matching serial number “C31820” marked on the bolt handle and “31820” stamped on the bottom of the forend.
The scope tube is marked “TEL SIGHTING/No 32 Mk II/OS.1650A/1944 No 15378”, with the standard post and cross-hair reticle pattern, and fitted in a cast scope mount
matching serial numbered “V/36490” on the left. “S51” is stamped on the bottom of the buttstock indicating conversion by Holland & Holland. Includes a period brown leather sling, and a cleaning rope and oiler in the butt compartment.
CONDITION: Exceptionally fine, retains 95% plus wartime arsenal applied blue and black finishes with some light handling marks The wood is excellent with distinct edges, some light handling marks, and crisp stampings. Mechanically excellent. The scope and mount are both excellent, retaining 99% black painted finish with crisp clear optics.
Provenance: Richard Peters, USMC, Reserves Law Enforcement, a Gentleman.
Estimate: 4,000 - 6,000

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