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Extremely Rare and Historic Early Production Serial Number 19 Ludwig Loewe Model 1893 Borchardt Semi-Automatic Pistol Rig Complete with Matching Shoulder Stock, Four Matching Magazines, Accessories and Case Inscribed to John Lewis Childs, Entrepreneur and Founder of Floral Park, New York - Serial no. 19, 7.65 mm Borchardt Auto cal., 7 1/2 inch round bbl., blue finish, walnut stock, walnut grips. This exceptional serial number “19” is possibly the earliest known, all original, unaltered and complete cased Borchardt pistol rig that is in existence today. This beautiful example includes the original matching wooden shoulder stock, the original black leather
holster, four matching numbered original walnut based magazines, carrying strap, spare
dummy magazine with brass oiler on the end, original silver oil bottle, screwdriver, and the
original black leatherette carrying case that houses the pistol, stock and accessories. It also
includes a walnut cheekpiece numbered “351” on the backside. This cased Borchardt is without a
doubt the earliest most fully complete Borchardt pistol rig that we’ve ever had the pleasure to offer for sale. This outstanding early production example was very likely a special order gift or a private purchase, as the top of the lid has a small oval silver name plate that has been nicely inscribed in a jeweler’s/presentation style with “J.L Childs/Floral Park/L.I.” (Floral Park, Long Island). The overall condition and originality of the pistol itself and the various accessories is outstanding and would be nearly impossible to upgrade
or improve on. These Model 1893 Borchardt pistols were the true forerunner of the world famous and historic Luger pistol. The Borchardt pistol employed the unique toggling breech mechanism which was eventually adopted and refined by Georg Luger and was used throughout production of the Luger pistol from 1900-through 1942. The right side of the barrel extension is marked “SYSTEM BORCHARDT. PATENT.” with the top of the toggle mechanism carrying the German patent markings of “D.R.P./No. 75837”, and the chamber is marked “WAFFENFABRIK/LOEWE/BERLIN”. The left side of the breechblock, toggle mechanism and barrel extension all have the early German commercial proofs consisting of
a crown over “B” and “U”, with the left rear section of the barrel marked with crown over “B”, “U”, and “G” proofs over “172,28”. It is fitted with the original checkered walnut grips along with the original varnished border around the checkered panel in the center section of each grip. As noted, it has four original matching numbered, nickel plated magazines with their original walnut base with the two-digit serial number running lengthwise down on the wooden base of each magazine. The original walnut shoulder stock is complete with the original blued attaching mechanism, the original black leather holster, which is still attached to the side of the walnut shoulder stock, as well as the original leather stock attaching straps with the original shoulder carrying strap. This is an outstanding example of an extremely early, historic cased 1893 Borchardt semi-automatic pistol rig that was personally owned by J. L. Childs as inscribed on the case plaque. John Lewis Childs (May 13, 1856-March 6, 1921) was an early entrepreneur who made his early fortune in the horticulture business. He was an early supplier of high end seeds for all kinds of fruits, vegetables and flowers and eventually founded the very first American seed catalog in 1874.
J.L. Childs

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