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   LOT 501
World War II German Mauser K98k High Turret Sniper Rifle with Scope - Serial no.
37075k, 7.92 mm Mauser cal., 23 3/4 inch round bbl., blue finish, laminate stock. This is a solid representative example of a late World War II German high turret sniper rifle that was manufactured
by the Mauser factory, and fitted with a Dialytan 4x “bmj” code sniper scope. The top of the receiver ring is covered by the front turret scope base, reinforced with correct late war style soldering around the edges. The breech end
of the barrel, left of the receiver and left of the rear scope base correctly have a small “eagle/135” proof from the Mauser factory, with the receiver side wall marked “Mod.98”. The rifle has a milled trigger guard housing and follower with a stamped front barrel band and milled rear barrel band. Various components are stamped with “eagle/135” proofs. The full and partial matching serial number is marked on the receiver, bolt and its components, barrel bands, rear sight, floorplate, trigger guard housing, and the rifle is fitted with a late war laminated stock matching serial numbered with “37075” stamped inside the stock channel as well
as on the inside of the laminated handguard, with a smooth steel buttplate. The scope tube is marked “DIALYTAN 4x/bmj” and
“71417/+” on the left. The scope has the correct style sniper elevation knob on top graduated from 100-800 meters. The left of the front scope ring is numbered “31808” and
the underside of the rear scope ring mount is numbered “137”. Includes a correct brown leather sling and black leather scope caps with an “eagle/WaA414” Waffenamt stamp. Relevant information and similar
pictured examples can be found on pages 54-62 of the book “Backbone of the Wehrmacht Volume II: Sniper Variations of the German K98k Rifle” by Richard D. Law.
CONDITION: Very fine, retaining 95% arsenal refurbished blue finish with a few areas of light pitting visible beneath the finish. Stock is also fine as lightly arsenal sanded and re-oiled, with some light handling marks and a few cracks on the right of the buttstock. Mechanically excellent. Scope is fine with 75% arsenal refurbished blue finish and a few patches of light pitting/freckling, and mostly clear optics with some minor hazing.
Estimate: 7,500 - 11,000
LOT 502
Very Fine Post-World War I Commercial Production Mauser Obendorf Gew. 98 “Wehrmannsgewehr” Bolt Action Target Rifle - Serial no. 912, 8.15x46R cal., 29 inch round bbl., blue/bright finish, walnut stock. Built off of a WWI era military Gew. 98 receiver, factory reworked after the war to be in compliance with the Treaty of Versailles. These rifles are often referred to as “Wehrmannsgewehr” or “serviceman’s rifles,” intended for civilian or paramilitary target practice chambered for the commercial 8.15x46 mm R cartridge instead of the military 7.92x57 mm cartridge which was restricted after World War I. Unlike many Wehrmannsgewehr rifles which were manufactured in single-shot only configuration, this example has an internal magazine with spring and follower installed. Features a fixed blade front, adjustable tangent rear sights with graduations from 4-20 (stars stamped at 8 and 10), and a unique tang-mounted, flush fitting folding target peep sight with dovetail adjustments, possibly an addition made at the request of a target shooter of the Weimar era. The barrel is marked with a “BL.G. Sch. H N” caliber marking behind the standard rear sight base. The receiver ring is dated “1917” and marked on the left with “crown/U” and “crown/B” commercial proofs, which are also present on the bolt handle. Matching “912” serial numbers on the barrel, receiver, bolt, trigger guard tang, and magazine floor plate, with “12” partial marked on the standard rear sight, bolt stop, bolt sleeve, flag safety, and cocking piece. Fitted with a smooth pistol grip walnut stock with flat steel buttplate. The cleaning rod is absent. CONDITION: Very fine overall, retaining 80% plus arsenal refurbished blue and bright finishes with light scattered edge wear, faint spotting, and discoloration of the brightened areas. The very fine stock is duffel cut under the rear band, marked with scattered dings, and displays attractive fiddleback grain. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 3,000 - 4,500
LOT 503
World War II Mauser “byf 44” Code K98 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle with ZF-41 Sniper Scope - Serial no. 88019i, 8mm cal., 24 inch round bbl., blue/phosphate finish, laminate stock. This is a nice example of a WWII Nazi K98 rifle with the ZF41 rifle scope with a sun shields. Providing approximately 1.5 power magnification for the more advanced shooters in the Wehrmacht, the forward location allows a greater field of view while sighting in. Hooded blade front sight and tangent rear sight graduated to 2,000 meters, with the “ddv” (Oculus, Berlin) coded scope and “duv” (Berlin-Lubecker) coded mount, numbered “6044”. The scope is marked “3947/ddv/Z.F. 41”. The rings are numbered “155” and electro penciled “44” on the tops. The top of the front receiver ring is marked “eagle proof/ bfy/44” with two proofs on the right side and the Nazi firing proof and serial number on the left side. The left side receiver wall is marked “Mod. 98”. The left rear of the barrel is marked with the
Nazi firing proof and the top at the breech is marked with a faint shield followed by “44 D 9”. Blue barrel and receiver, and phosphate finish on the remaining parts. The trigger guard, floor plate and barrel bands are stamped. The floor plate is marked “byf” and with an “eagle/135” proof. The rifle is mounted with the correct unmarked laminated pistol grip stock and handguard with a cupped buttplate. Complete with a brown leather sling. CONDITION: Very fine. The barrel and receiver retains 90% arsenal blue finish, thinning on the barrel. The remaining parts retain 98% thin original phosphate finish. The stock is excellent with a few minor dings and handling marks. The scope retain 95% original finish with some thinning and the optics are opaque. The sling is very good. Most markings are highlighted in white and all remain crisp and clear. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 2,750 - 4,250

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