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    LOT 524
Extraordinary World War II Walther Factory Relief Engraved Presentation Cased Model PPK Semi-Automatic Pistol with Documentation - Serial no. 210968k, 7.65 mm auto cal., 3 1/4 inch round bbl., blue finish, brown plastic checkered grips. This is a beautiful example of a documented, factory cased Walther Presentation Model PPK pistol that was reportedly made for Reich Fieldmarschall Herman Goering.
This pistol is accompanied with a notarized Certificate of Retention and Custom Declaration, along with a signed letter of explanation from 2nd
Lt. Weisenberger who obtained this specific pistol directly from the then Walther plant manager Conrad Mueller in May/June 1945. At this time
Lt. Weisenberger was assigned as a Captured Materials Officer assigned specifically to the Walther Plant to inspect and seize any appropriate
war materials for the U.S. During his assignment at the factory, Lt. Weisenberger was given a plant tour by Conrad Mueller and at the end of his tour Herr Mueller gave this pistol to Lt. Weisenberger, stating that it was illegal for him to have it and he wanted the pistol to go from a “German
388 to a German Descendent”. He additionally stated that this pistol was
specifically for “Herman
Goering” in early 1945,
however the war ended
before the Walther factory
could actually present
this pistol to Fieldmarschall
Goering. This specific pistol has
been beautifully engraved in a very non-
traditional deep-relief grape leaves and vine
engraving pattern that covers the entire pistol, to include the sides
of the trigger, trigger guard bow, and even the flat base plate of the magazine. The engraving is fantastic in its layout with meticulous level
of detail on the grape leaves and vines. Certainly this pistol would have been engraved by a senior Walther Master Engraver whose skill would
be emblematic of Fieldmarschall Goering rank and status. In viewing the various engraved Walther PPs and PPKs shown in Volume II, of “Walther, Engraved, Presentation and Standard Pistols” by Rankin; in this describer’s
opinion few pistols in that book are equal to the exquisite detailed level
of engraving of this exceptional pistol. Obviously this pistol was pulled directly from the production line and sent to the Walther engraver as there is no standard Walther slide legend or markings on either side. The left side of the slide is relief engraved with only “WALTHER” in a traditional banner. The right side of the slide and frame also shows no serial number which has been hand engraved on the lower right frame strap under the grip with the last three digits “968” correctly scratched on the inside of the slide.

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