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     LOT 55
Exceptional Winchester Model 1892 Lever Action 44-40 Rifle - Serial no. 274049, 44-40 WCF cal., 24 inch octagon bbl., blue/casehardened finish, walnut stock. This virtually unused, early turn-of-the century Winchester Model 1892 rifle was manufactured in 1903. This
rifle has a 24-inch full octagon bar in very desirable 44-40 caliber with
full length magazine. The barrel has a sporting
style front sight with nickel-silver blade and a sporting style buckhorn rear sight with screw adjustable center-piece and serrated edges. The stock and forearm are straight
grain American walnut. The rifle barrel, magazine, forearm cap, receiver, trigger and bolt have the Winchester commercial blue finish. The loading gate is fire blue. The hammer,
lever and crescent buttplate are color casehardened. The top barrel flat is roll-stamped: “MANUFACTURED BY THE WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS CO./NEW HAVEN. CONN. U.S.A. PATENTED OCTOBER 14. 1884.” in two lines ahead of the rear sight. The caliber “44 W.C.F.” is
stamped on the top barrel flat between the rear sight and the receiver. The upper receiver tang is roll stamped: “MODEL 1892/-WINCHESTER-/TRADE
MARK” in three lines. The serial number is roll-stamped across the underside of the receiver just behind the forearm.
CONDITION: Excellent. This rifle is all original and retains 98% of the original blue and color casehardened finish. The barrel, magazine and forearm retain virtually all of the original blue finish. The barrel legend and caliber marking are sharp. Nearly all of the blue finish is present on the receiver; wear is limited to some traces of edge wear and several very minor scratches. The loading gate retains 95% of the original nitre blue finish. The hammer and lever have nearly all of the subdued case colors. The case colors on the crescent buttplate have faded slightly but show minimal wear. The stock and forearm are excellent with nearly all of the original finish. Wear is limited to a few scattered and very insignificant storage marks. This is an excellent example of a Winchester Model 1892 lever action 44-40 rifle that remains in extraordinary, totally original condition. If you want to own one of the best, here it is!
 Estimate: 10,000 - 18,000
LOT 56
Very Fine Antique Winchester Deluxe Model 1886 Lever Action .45-70 Rifle - Serial no. 78227, 45-70 cal., 26 inch octagon bbl., blue finish, walnut stock. The powerful Winchester Model 1886 remains one of the most iconic lever action rifles. It was John Browning’s first lever action rifle design. Special order ‘86s remain especially popular with modern collectors. Deluxe Model 1886s are rare. As Winchester expert and author George Madis noted, “Deluxe Model 86s in the rifles made after 1900 are hard to find, partly due to the higher cost of deluxe features.”This example was manufactured in 1893 and is mounted with checkered XX
deluxe walnut forearm and pistol grip stock. The barrel has Lyman beaded blade front sight and a folding ladder rear sight marked “1886” and is stamped with the two-line
Winchester address ahead of the rear sight. The upper tang is marked “-MODEL 1886-.” The casehardened lower tang is marked with the two-line patent dates and the serial number. The blued receiver is fitted with a special order single set trigger. The left side of the lower tang is marked “760 XX.” The assembly number “760” is repeated on the stock inlet and buttplate.
CONDITION: Very fine. The barrel, magazine tube and forend cap retain 95% original blue finish with thinning to brown and a tiny patch of cleaned pitting on the left barrel flat. The receiver retains 95% of the original blue finish. 80% original nitre blue remains on the loading gate. The lower tang retains 70% faded original case colors. Slight traces of original case colors remain,
otherwise the hammer, lever, and buttplate have an overall bright appearance. The re-oiled wood is fine with a slight chip at the upper tang, re-cut checkering, and very minimal handling marks. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 8,500 - 13,000

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