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Antique Special Order
Winchester Deluxe Model 1885 High Wall Schuetzen Rifle - NSN, 38-55
cal., 28 inch part octagon bbl., blue finish, walnut stock. The no. 3 barrel has
the early production two-line Winchester New Haven address on the top flat. The
rifle is fitted with a windage adjustable globe front sight with spirit level and a tang
peep sight. The barrel lacks a rear sight seat. The lower tang is stamped with the two-line
patent dates marking and lacks a visible serial number. The action is fitted with factory unserialized
replacement double set triggers with the tang marked “PAT. OCT 7 79.” The checkered forearm and pistol grip are nicely
figured deluxe style walnut. The forearm has an ebony tip insert. The buttstock has a hard rubber Winchester grip cap, a right handed cheek piece, and a Swiss buttplate. The left side of the lower tang is marked “8237.” The butt of the stock is twice marked
with the matching assembly number “8237.” The replacement buttplate has the number “7991” along with an illegible number. CONDITION: Fine. The barrel retains 90% plus of the thinned original blue finish and has been sleeved. The receiver retains 95% plus original blue finish. The
replacement lower tang has been refinished (see above). The replacement buttplate retains 97% of the nickel plating. The wood is also very fine with a series of dings near the stock toe, a couple faint stress lines at the upper tang, and overall crisp checkering. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 2,750 - 4,250
 examples like this one are highly sought after by today’s collectors. The top barrel flat has the two-line Winchester legend and the upper left flat has the caliber designation to accommodate the matting. Winchester factory matted barrels are rare. As Winchester expert and author George
Madis pointed out, “Matted barrels were produced in very limited numbers.” As confirmed in the factory letter, the rifle is fitted with a windage adjustable globe front sight and a mid range folding tang peep sight, and there is no rear sight dovetail. The lever and buttplate are plated in nickel.
The receiver is casehardened. The barrel is blued. The checkered forearm and pistol grip stock are nicely figured deluxe walnut. The forearm has an ebony
tip insert and a tuning fork palm rest. The buttstock has a right handed cheek piece. The left side of the lower tang is marked “601 XXX SBC.” The stock inlet is
numbered to the gun (“53206”). Includes a Mike Clark of Collectors Firearms letter referencing this rifle. CONDITION: Very fine. The barrel retains 80% original blue finish with thinning to brown on the balance and a few cleaned
patches of spotting. The frame retains 85% original case colors. The unusual period custom lever and buttplate retain 97% period applied nickel finish with typical high edge wear. The wood is fine with a repaired chip on the forearm (left side at the breech), some minor handling marks, and recut checkering. Mechanically fine.
 Estimate: 5,000 - 7,500 69
LOT 58
Antique Special Order Winchester Deluxe Model 1885 High Wall Schuetzen Rifle with Factory Matted Barrel and Factory Letter - Serial no. 53206, 32-40 cal., 32 inch part octagon bbl., blue/casehardened finish, walnut stock. The accompanying factory letter confirms several special order features presented on this high condition deluxe variation of a Winchester Model 1885 High Wall Schuetzen rifle. These confirmed features included the no. 4 half octagon matted barrel in .32-40, double set triggers,
checkered pistol grip stock, Swiss cheek piece, midrange and wind gauge sights and
no rear sight seat. The letter also states the rifle was received in the warehouse on January
9, 1892, and shipped on January 19, 1892, with two other arms to order number 16896. These rifles were incredibly popular among early 20th century competition shooters and deluxe

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