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Rare Large Framed Union Metallic Cartridge Co. Advertising Moose Scene/Cartridge Board Print - Framed displays such as this were a complimentary advertisement provided to sporting goods stores by cartridge manufacturers to hang in their shops, giving consumers a physical representation of the wide range of cartridges they provided. Set in a frame measuring 58 5/8” wide and 43 5/8” tall, the visible area of the print is 49 1/2” wide and 34 1/2” tall, featuring a large scene of a bull moose and cow moose beside each other at the edge of a lake surrounded by all of the various cartridges offered by Union Metallic Cartridge Co. and the lower edge of the print has a UMC banner.
CONDITION: Fine overall, with scattered mild age related flaking and some tears visible on the print, and some scattered cracks, mild handling marks and a few filled in repairs visible on the frame with a replacement backing.
Estimate: 4,500 - 7,000

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