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Sharps Model 1874 Long Range No. 1 Rifle with W.S. Peace Letter - Serial no. 155716, 44-90 cal., 30 inch octagon bbl., blue/casehardened finish,
walnut stock. The letter from W.S. Peace indicates the rifle is recorded as a Long Range No. 1 sold to Gardner B. Hawkins of Boston on January 12, 1876.
Only around 87 of these rifles were manufactured. It has a spirit level windgauge front sight base (sight absent), filler block in a dovetail through the Hartford address
marking, “CALIBRE 44” on top at the breech, the 1869 patent marking on the left side of the frame, knurled single trigger, tang mounted Vernier peep sight, checkered
Schnabel forearm and pistol grip stock, blank silver escutcheon inlaid on the left side of the butt, and checkered steel shotgun buttplate. Matching numbers are on the barrel, forearm, and upper tang. The numbers at the latter location are partially absent due to the peep sight screw holes. The replacement peep sight base
has the serial number “156553.”
CONDITION: Fine with 85% plus original blue finish on the barrel, 30% of original casehardened finish and otherwise mottled gray and brown patina on the remaining components, some light oxidation, and general minor wear. The forearm is very fine and has crisp checkering, smooth finish, and some minor dings and scratches. The buttstock is very good other than the splice on the tip of the grip and has some checks on the left side of the butt, a few pressure marks and scratches, and crisp checkering. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 6,500 - 9,500
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Scarce Sharps Model 1852 Slant Breech Percussion Carbine - Serial no. 2044, 52 cal., 21 1/2 inch round bbl., bright/casehardened finish, walnut
stock. Manufactured from 1853 to 1855 with a total production of approximately 4,997. This is the earliest Sharps Model with the distinctive “slanting
breech” and is fitted with the lever hinge pin retaining spring mounted on the right rear of the forearm. The upper tang is marked “C. SHARPS/PATENT/1848”
followed by the serial number and the lock is marked “SHARPS/PATENT/1852”. The inside of the patch box door is unmarked. The front sight and rear sight leaf are absent. Sling swivel and the saddle ring are absent. Mounted with a smooth forearm and straight grip stock with brass patch box (extra percussion nipple inside) and carbine buttplate. (Page 46 of “Sharps Firearms” by Frank Sellers identifies this as a “plain varnished” grade of carbine, one of 159 produced).
CONDITION: Good. The barrel has a smooth dark brown patina with strong traces of the original arsenal bright finish around the forward area of the forearm. There are
a small amount of tool marks on the breech end sides of the barrel. The remaining metal surfaces have a smooth mottled brown and gray patina with a dark untouched aged patina on the brass components. The period sanded, lightly oiled stock also remains good. There is a large chip on the stock toe and the buttplate toe is bent. There are a few minor cracks and a few slivers absent on the front of the forearm, a minor crack on the top and bottom right side of the wrist, and overall minor dents and dings. The markings are readable. The action is fine.
Estimate: 3,500 - 5,000

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