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 LOT 92 Scarce Unidentified Rotary Breech Percussion Rifle - Serial no. 2140, 44 cal., 30 inch part octagon bbl., blue finish, walnut stock. The only marking found on this interesting breech loading rifle is “2140” stamped in the stock on the top of the wrist. The general profile has a New York style. The octagon to round barrel has a post front sight and a second post on the breech section. A rear sight groove is cut into the rotating breech. The nipple is used to rotate the breech counter clockwise 1/4 turn for reloading. This brings the chamber opening to the left side of the frame and also
   keeps the nipple out of alignment with the hammer until the chamber is back in alignment with the barrel. The slab sided stock has a crescent steel buttplate.
CONDITION: Very good with some patches of original blue finish on the frame and otherwise mainly smooth brown patina, some mild pitting, angled wear at the muzzle, and general mild overall wear. The re-oiled stock is also very good and has some minor
chips at the edges of the wrist and general scrapes and dings. Mechanically fine. Estimate: 3,500 - 5,500
LOT 93 Unmarked Experimental/Prototype Centerfire Lever Action Revolving Rifle - NSN, 38 cal., 28 3/4 inch round bbl., in the white finish, walnut stock. This interesting prototype revolving rifle cocks and rotates by operating the short ring lever. It is “in-the-white” and incomplete. The barrel is rifled and has not had sights nor a forearm installed. The seven shot cylinder is shaped like bottleneck cartridges. The frame appears to have been designed to have a cover over the hammer and a loading gate or other piece on the right side. For a prototype, the wood is rather high grade and has some nice figure. CONDITION: Very good with a mix of silver gray and brown patina, some patches of light pitting, scratches, and general mild wear on the “in the white” metal surfaces. The highly figured buttstock is fine with minimal wear. Mechanically functions fine although the cylinder does not lock up. Provenance: The Mark Aziz Collection; Property of a Gentleman. Estimate: 2,500 - 4,000
LOT 94
Extremely Rare Documented John Wurfflein Hubbell Patent Breechloading Single Shot Percussion Rifle - NSN, 60 cal., 30 7/8 inch part octagon bbl., brown/ casehardened finish, walnut stock. John Wurfflein (1815-1884) was a talented gunmaker working in Philadelphia c. 1844-1864. This exact rifle is shown and discussed in the article “’Reverse Trapdoor’ Musket Conversions” by Edward Hull in the American Society of Arms Collector’s
bulletin from June 2022. It is based on a patent by William Wheeler Hubbell (1821-1902) of Philadelphia from July 1, 1844. Hubbell also patented improvements
in artillery shells, a conversion
method for surplus Civil War rifle-muskets, other related designs, and was a patent attorney. The
rifled barrel has a shotgun style bead front sight and is marked “J WURFFLEIN PHILADA” on top. The
back action lock has the same marking. The breechblock has “Wm. W. Hubbell’s/Patent July 1st, 1844.” marked on top. With the hammer at half-cock, the small lever ahead of it can be drawn back to allow the breechblock to rotate up and to the left for reloading, much like the Tabatiere and Snider conversions of the late 19th century. The nipple is threaded into the breechblock. A grip handle is fitted to the bar that extends under the barrel. The buttstock has a checkered wrist and a shotgun style buttplate. CONDITION: Very good with mottled gray and brown patina overall, some light twist patterns visible along the barrel, patches of mild oxidation/pitting, and general mild overall wear. There is a crack visible under the breechblock handle. The buttplate is poor and is heavily corroded. The wood is also very good and has crisp checkering, some faint hairline cracks, some dings and dents, and mild damage at the butt. Mechanically fine. These rifles were clearly not manufactured in much quantity at all, making this survivor an extremely rare example of an innovative breechloading design ahead of its time. Provenance: The Mark Aziz Collection; Property of a Gentleman. Estimate: 2,000 - 3,500
LOT 95
Zettler Marked Four-Shot Percussion Harmonica Rifle - NSN, 40 cal., 30 inch octagon bbl., unknown finish, walnut stock. The barrel has a turned down muzzle, blade and notch sights, “ZETTLER” signed on top at the breech, and an iron ramrod underneath. The boxlock action has four-shot breechblock, center hammer, knob on the bottom to free the breechblock, plain trigger, and trigger guard. CONDITION: Good overall with faded finish and dark brown patina, moderate oxidation and pitting, somewhat crude construction, and refinished wood with some thin cracks in the butt. Mechanically fair. Estimate: 2,000 - 3,000

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