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Whitney-Beals’ Patent “Walking
Beam Pocket Revolver” with
Scarce 7-Shot Cylinder - Serial no.
K12, 31 percussion cal., 4 Inch bbl., blue finish, walnut grips.
This Whitney-Beals’ Patent Pocket Revolver a.k.a. “Walking Beam Pocket
Revolver” was manufactured by the Whitney Arms Co. c. 1854-1860s.
Surviving examples are scarce. Designed to evade all Colt patent claims,
this revolver has a full octagon barrel, seven-shot cylinder, ring trigger and distinctive
shield on the left side of the frame that covers most of the cylinder. The two-piece
walnut grips have a square profile butt and a high polish piano finish. The barrel has a
brass cone front sight. A fixed brass rear sight with rounded top is mounted on the top strap. The top strap is roll-stamped: ADDRESS E. WHITNEY/WHITNEYVILLE CT.” in two lines. The cylinder has etched decoration. “K12” is stamped on the bottom of the frame ahead of the ring trigger, on the left side of the frame beneath the grips and on the inside of both grips. All of the visible serial numbers match.
CONDITION: Fine. The revolver retains 50% plus of the original blue finish overall. The frame, cylinder shield, cylinder, ring trigger and hammer have a silver-gray patina with traces of blue in protected areas, The front and rear face of the cylinder and edges of the cylinder cut-out on the frame have light flash pitting. The frame markings and serial numbers are sharp. The lightly etched decoration on the cylinder is very good. The grips are very good and retain most of the original
piano finish. Mechanically fine.
Provenance: The Phillip Otto Clark Collection.
Estimate: 2,250 - 3,750
LOT 104
E. Remington & Sons Rider
Percussion Revolver with Box and
Accessories - Serial no. 1119, 31
cal., 3 1/8 inch octagon bbl., blue/
casehardened finish, hard rubber grips.
Manufactured c. 1860-1873. Includes
a correct style period unmarked
pasteboard box, pocket eagle flask
and ball mold. At this early point in
Remington’s history, they did not use
factory made or marked boxes and
instead purchased the boxes from
outside contractors.
CONDITION: Fine, retains 50% original blue finish strongest on the barrel and cylinder with smooth brown patina on the balance, 40% original case colors on the frame and hammer with scattered mild freckling on the balance, and a sharp barrel address. Grips are also fine with a lightly aged brown appearance, a few light handling marks, and crisp checkering. Mechanically excellent. The box is good with torn/partly detached edges, a hole along the bottom edge, some taped repairs, and mild wear. The mold and flask are fine.
Estimate: 2,250 - 3,500
Very Rare Cased Factory Engraved IXL Double Action Pocket
Model Percussion Revolver Serial Number 42 - Serial no. 42,
31 percussion cal., 3 1/4 inch octagon bbl., blue finish, walnut
grips. This pocket revolver was made by the obscure company IXL
of New York City. Total production of these revolvers is estimated
around 750 with all made c.1857. Although these were not an official martial arm, these revolvers may have been carried as privately purchased sidearms during the Civil War. It has a distinctive spurless hammer and features a blade front sight, frame notch rear sight, full coverage scroll engraving on the frame, trigger guard, and grip straps; and a smooth round five shot cylinder. The matching serial number “42” is mark on the cylinder, loading lever, and barrel. The “IXL N. YORK” marking is not seen on the barrel perhaps due to this example being of such early manufacture. It is fitted with smooth walnut grips and is set in a red velvet lined fitted wood case with eleven lead rounds, oiler, flask, and bullet mold. CONDITION: Fine. The revolver retains 50% of the original blue finish with significant retention on the barrel which has some high edge wear and on the cylinder which has some sections of wear. The frame has crisp engraving with traces of the blue finish. The exposed surfaces overall have a mottled gray patina. Traces of the original case colors are present on the loading arm. The action is excellent and
the serial numbers are sharp. The grips are very fine with some slight wear on the lower edges and otherwise only light scratches. The case is very fine with some minor scratches and marks and light staining on the interior. These revolvers are rarely seen and would make a great
addition to any collection!
Estimate: 4,000 - 6,000
LOT 102
Fine Engraved Mass. Arms Co. Maynard Primed Manually Revolved Cylinder Pocket Revolver - Serial no. 618, 28 cal., 2 1/2 inch octagon bbl., blue/ casehardened finish, walnut grips. Manufactured circa 1851-1860, this example is the earliest type with the manually revolved six- shot cylinder. Total production on this type was approximately 900. A Colt lawsuit forced Massachusetts Arms Co. to switch to manually rotated cylinders, and led to the adoption of the Maynard priming system in an attempt to win over potential customers. “18/618” marked on the frame inside the primer area, with “618” also on the underside of the primer door, right of the grip frame and handwritten in black ink on the underside of both grip panels. “248” marked on the underside of the top strap. CONDITION: Fine, retains 50% plus original blue finish concentrated on the barrel, latch, cylinder and primer door with smooth gray patina on the balance, strong patterns of case colors visible on the hammer and top strap, and sharp engraving. Grips are also fine with scattered scratches, some light crazing along the bottom edges, and retaining most of the original varnish finish. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 1,600 - 2,500
LOT 105
Fine Remington-Beals First
Model Pocket Percussion Revolver with
Accessories - Serial no. 391, 31 cal., 3 1/8
inch octagon bbl., blue finish, hard rubber
grips. Manufactured between 1857-1858, the
Beals First Model was Remington’s first revolver. The top barrel flat
has the standard two-line Beals patent dates (‘56 and ‘57) and the
top strap of the frame has the Remington address marking. “201” is
marked on the bottom of the barrel, with “391” and “201” on the left of the
grip frame, and “391” stamped on the inside of the trigger guard and on the butt of the grip. Includes an eagle pocket powder flask and ramrod tool.
CONDITION: Fine, retains 60% original blue finish with a plum appearance on
the frame, scattered flaking and smooth brown patina on the balance, and some
scattered patches of light surface oxidation on the cylinder. The grip is very fine with some light handling marks, light age related fading and defined edges. Mechanically excellent. Included accessories are very fine.
Estimate: 2,250 - 3,500 93

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