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 LOT 1120
Pair of Colt Bisley Single Action Army Revolvers with Holsters, Badges, and Factory Letters from the Collins Family, Lawmen and Deputy U.S. Marshals in the Oklahoma Territory
-A) Rare Documented Factory Engraved Texas Shipped Colt Bisley Revolver with Factory Letter - Serial
no. 186043, 38 WCF cal., 4 3/4 inch round bbl., nickel finish, pearl grips. Both of these revolvers are attributed to U.S. Deputy Marshals in Oklahoma who were members of the Collins family. Each includes a leather holster, U.S. Deputy Marshal style badge, and factory letter.
The factory letter identifies the first revolver as in .38-40 with a 4 3/4 inch barrel, nickel finish, factory engraving, and pearl grips and list it as the sole gun of this type in a shipment to Roberts, Sanford & Taylor Co. in Sherman, Texas, on July 6, 1899. Sherman is just 18 miles south of Colbert, Oklahoma. The revolver is one
of less than 60 identified in the factory records as factory engraved (see page 266-267 of “The Book of Colt Firearms” by Wilson), and fewer still would have gone to Texas and the Oklahoma Territory. Adding further to this revolver’s rarity is its inscription and attribution to Deputy U.S. Marshals. The revolver is lightly inscribed “Colbert Okla” on the bottom of the barrel and “George Collins” on the back strap
and is listed as having been the personal side arm of three generations of the Collins family in Oklahoma, all U.S. Deputy Marshals: Dan Collins (1837-1921), Charlie Collins (1885-1969), and George Collins (1909-1982).
The engraving consists primarily of scroll engraving with beaded backgrounds accented by wavy line motifs and fan patterns and was almost certainly executed by Colt chief engraver Cuno
A. Helfricht. The top of the barrel is roll- stamped with the two-line legend: “COLT’S PT. F.A. MFG. CO./HARTFORD, CT.U.S.A.”
“38 W.C.F.” is roll-stamped in an engraved banner on the left of the barrel. The two- line patent markings and Rampant Colt trademark enclosed in a double circle are roll-stamped on the left side of the frame. The assembly number “882” is stamped
on the inside of the loading gate. The serial number “186043” is stamped on the bottom of the frame, trigger guard and back strap. All of the visible serial numbers match. The serial number on the trigger guard is enclosed in a banner. The pearl grips have brass Rampant Colt medallions, and the right grip features a raised relief carved steer head.

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