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  They eventually reestablished the OK Clothing Store in Denver, where Abraham also served on the city council as well as running a stagecoach line until 1869. Frances quickly became involved in charitable causes and is noted as being a very inspiring and persuasive speaker. She is noted as organizing multiple charitable organizations including the Hebrew Ladies’ Benevolent Society, The Denver Ladies’ Relief Society, the Charitable Organization Society which is what we now know as the United Way, as well as playing a large role Denver’s Jewish Hospital Association, the first hospital built being named after her. Frances contracted pneumonia while delivering medicine to a sick child in 1892 and died a few months later at the age of 49. While not verified, it is certainly likely that Frances Jacobs is the subject of the inscription on this revolver, given her social status and connections. This specific revolver is pictured on
p. 365 of “The Colt Engraving Book, Vol. I” by Wilson where it
is noted as noted as factory engraved, nickel and gold plated, with a “rare marking on barrel in riband motif, chiseled in low relief”, as well as noting the inscription. The revolver itself has the standard two-line address on top of the barrel with the unique and attractive, hand engraved “COLT NEW 32” in a rare riband motif on the left (rarely seen), and the serial number on the bottom. The full serial number is also marked on the left
of the grip frame and in pencil inside both grips (faint on the left). The cylinder and trigger are gold plated, small parts are nitre blued, and the remainder of the revolver is nickel plated. It is fitted with a blade front sight, frame top groove rear sight, and a pair of smooth pearl grips. Included with the revolver is a very attractive retailer style presentation case wrapped in black leather, the lid lined in bright blue silk with a white silk ribbon, and the lower half lined in black velvet with a cleaning rod and a cartridge compartment containing an assortment
of .32 CF cartridges.

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