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LOT 1189
Rare Documented William McGraw Exhibition Quality Engraved Colt First Generation Single Action Army Revolver with Double Steerhead Carved Pearl Grips Formerly of The Dr. Joseph A. Murphy Collection - Serial no. 355870, 45 Long Colt cal., 5 1/2 inch round bbl., blue/casehardened/ gold finish, pearl grips. Manufactured in 1937. The included R.L. Wilson
letter compares the engraving of this gun to that of Serial Number 357005, owned by former Colt Vice President of Manufacturing Philip W. Schwartz photographed on page 257 of “The Book of Colt Firearms” attributing it to the work of Ithaca engraver William McGraw. This example is inlaid with two gold bands at the muzzle ahead of the serrated front sight, and engraved with rare oak leaf designs on the barrel which flank the markings, frame, triggerguard, and backstrap with the cylinder displaying a more traditional leafy scroll and
border motif. The letter points
out that the gold plating on
the engraved screws, ejector, cylinder pin, cylinder pin latch, and trigger are a rarity among Single Action Army revolvers. The gold on the aforementioned parts, as well as the inlays, create a magnificent and striking contrast to the blue and casehardened finish. Wilson states in his letter that it is clear that the revolver was shipped from the factory to McGraw and then finished upon its return. To add to the striking appearance and artistry of this revolver is a set
of steerhead carved pearl grips in which the motif is mirrored on both panels. The letter further states that the shipping info and configuration at the time of shipping for this era of Colt is absent, but the production book has the revolver as sent to the shipping room on August 4, 1937.

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