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 LOT 1194
Rare and Exceptional Colt U.S. Navy Mark II Model 1900 Gatling Gun with Carriage - Serial no. 43, 30
Army (30-40 Krag) , 28 inch round bbl., bright finish. Approximately 20 of these Model 1900 Mark II Gatling guns are reported to have been issued to the U.S. Navy, making this one of the rarest Gatling gun models extant. Features ten fully enclosed rotating barrels, a muzzle cover that conceals the top half of the barrels, a cone front sight and adjustable 2,000 yard reproduction rear sight, Bruce feed system, and a right side mounted safety knob. The Mark II has the ability to attach the crank handle to either the gear-reduced side shaft or directly to the rear of the barrel-unit axle for an even higher rate of fire. Although the “recommended” rate of fire was 600 rounds per minute, the direct drive method of operation could easily surpass that. “U.S.N./F.H.S.(Naval anchor)CAL..30/MARK II/No. 43. 266.Lbs./1901” marked on top of the breech ahead of the cartridge hopper, “GATLING GUN PATENTED/ Manufactured by/Colt’s Pt. F. A. Mfg. Co./HARTFORD, CONN. U.S.A.” marked on top of the breech casing behind the cartridge hopper. “17” marked underneath the frame of the gun, on the feed cover and on six of its bolts. The remaining four bolts are period replacements. Small
single letter naval inspection stars are marked on various components. “No. 20” marked on top of the right yoke latch and “5” marked inside.
“6” marked inside the left yoke latch. The base of the carriage is wearing an oval brass plaque on the front marked “Manufactured By/Colt’s Pat. Fire Arms M’f’g. Co./ Hartford, Conn. U.S.A./No. 17 J.A.B./(naval inspection triangle)”. Correct lightweight wheeled Navy carriage (absent ammunition boxes).
CONDITION: Exceptionally fine overall, highly attractive genuine golden aged patina on the brass, and
scattered light to mild pitting on the iron components. Modern replacement bolt release plug, and artificially aged modern reproduction magazine and rear sight. Mechanically excellent. Carriage is very fine, retains 80% original light gray painted finish with scattered flaking, and a modern bolt in place of the absent right wheel pin. This highly attractive U.S. Navy Mark II Model 1900, one of the rarest variations of Gatling guns, would make a prized addition to any U.S. Military collection.
Estimate: 140,000 - 225,000

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