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LOT 1195
Outstanding Documented David F. Clark Inspected U.S. Colt Cavalry Model Single Action Army Revolver with Factory Letter and John Kopec Gold Seal Letter - Serial no. 111935, 45 Long Colt
cal., 7 1/2 inch round bbl., blue/casehardened finish, walnut grips. This high condition U.S. contract Colt “Cavalry Model” single action revolver was manufactured in 1884, inspected by Captain Frank Heath,
and sub-inspected by David F. Clark. The included factory letter states the revolver was delivered to the
U.S. Government inspector at the Colt plant on November 19, 1884. This was a delivery of 150 Cavalry Models. Renowned Colt historian and author John Kopec examined this Cavalry Model and summarizes his conclusions in his included gold seal letter of authentication. The revolver was a new listing in his survey and fell between nos. 111933 (“a fine condition Cavalry”) and 111937 (a buy back revolver with 4 13/16 inch barrel). The serial number could not be located in the National Archives records, and according to Kopec, “only one example is represented from within the 111,000 serial number.” Kopec concluded, “The absence of most of these referenced revolvers from within the 111,000 serial range, together with the fact that our subject revolver shows slight evidence of holster wear a the tip of the muzzle and the right butt area, leads this writer to believe that our subject revolver has remained in such fine condition because of being originally issued to one of the state militia regiments. We realize that the revolver #111933 which also displays identical characteristics ie. being in ‘nearly new’ condition would strengthen these conclusions.
Our subject revolver had also avoided being recalled by the Ordnance Department during the 1893 recall, because of being at that time stored in one of the state armories. These militia revolvers were not returned to the National Armory until about 1902-1903 when they had been superseded by the
‘new’ Colt .38 caliber revolvers.”
The revolver features the standard one-line Hartford barrel address, and the frame has the three-line Colt patent marking followed by “U.S.” property mark. Kopec confirms the validity of the U.S. marking in his letter: “This revolver’s frame stamping ‘U.S.’ was found to be unlike any of our controls. We are sure of their originality, but are unable at this time to explain why they are different.” A small block “D.F.C.” sub-inspection mark is stamped on the underside of the barrel, bottom of the frame above the serial number, side of the cylinder and on the left grip butt. “P” proof marks are stamped on the underside of the barrel and side of the cylinder. The assembly number “406” is stamped on the inside of the loading gate. The full serial number is visible on the bottom of the frame, trigger guard, and back strap. The partial serial number “1935” is stamped on the side of the cylinder and underside of barrel under the ejector rod housing. The grip has the date “1884” above Capt. Frank Heath’s script letter cartouche on the left side and David Clark’s script letter cartouche on the right side.

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