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LOT 1369
Superb Relief Chiseled and Carved Bohemian Flintlock Sporting Rifle - NSN, 60 cal., 30 1/4 inch round bbl., blue/bright/gold finish, walnut stock. This sporting rifle is believed to have originated in Carlsbad, Bohemia, in the early 18th century and features a very distinctive two-stage barrel with seven-groove rifling, engraving, and girdles at the transition to the flat sided breech section, relief chiseled breech section with classical figures and scrollwork along with spread wing eagle ahead of the two-leaf rear sight, and a lion and martial motifs. The majority of these Germanic sporting rifles feature swamped octagonal barrels, so this barrel is particularly interesting, especially with its relief chiseled ornamentation. The lock has a more traditional Bohemian scene of a hunter firing a rifle at a stag in low relief along with scroll patterns, beveled edges, a swan-neck cock, and non-bridled frizzen. It is fired using adjustable single set, single phase triggers. The furniture is gilt brass and has a variety of patterns inhabited by eagles, a dog and hunter on the pierced side plate, a figure of Diana on the heel plate tang and an eagle on the heel plate, and a scene involving three figures and a dog on the patchbox
lid. A male portrait bust is on the wrist escutcheon. The stock has relief carved scroll patterns, incised molding, and large cheek rest. The left side by the trigger has a red painted inventory number “836z.”

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