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LOT 1401
Very Scarce and Extremely Fine Cased Pair of Charles Lancaster 11-Bore Percussion Double Barrel Dangerous Game Rifles
-A) Charles Lancaster Percussion Double Rifle - Serial no. 3577, 11 Bore cal., 30 1/2 inch solid rib bbl., brown/casehardened/blue finish, walnut stock. The maker’s records confirmed that as with the very similar pair of rifles sold by Rock Island Auction Company in December 2022 (Lot 502), this pair was completed for the Maharaja of Jodhpur
in 1862. Like that pair, this cased set remains in apparently unfired condition although these do not appear to have been specifically ordered as a pair. Raja Takht Singh ruled Jodhpur as Maharaja from 1843 until his death in 1873 and during this time purchased a great many fine firearms from Great Britain, creating an immense armoury, with those he purchased from Charles Lancaster of London forming the most well-known group. The rifled Damascus barrels have “CHARLES LANCASTER” (left) and “151. NEW BOND STREET LONDON” (right) signed towards the breech ends. The textured ribs have silver beaded blade front sights, and flat folding three-leaf rear sights with gold sight lines graduated for 100, 150, and 200 yards. The breech plugs have
“1” and “2” on the ribs, short platinum bands, and pierced platinum plugs. Matching serial numbers are located on the underside of each barrel, the breech hooks, inside the forends, and on the trigger guard tangs. The underside of the barrels also have London proof marks
and “TE” (latter over-stamped “CL” on the 1st set). “CL” is also marked
in between the breech hooks on the rear. The flat locks have “C. LANCASTER LONDON” signed in banners, sliding safeties ahead of the hammers, and fine scroll engraving which also extends to the furniture which also includes stylized pineapple finials and floral accents. The grip extensions and buttplates have coarse knurling for grip, and the heel tangs have “1” and “2” respectively like the barrel sets. The nicely figured stocks have checkering, drop points, and sling studs. The length of pull is 14 1/4 inches. The pair comes in a brass cornered fitted oak takedown case with green baize lining and Lancaster trade label (marked for numbers 3455 and 3439). In addition to the rifles, the case contains a wide array of loading and maintenance tools, including
an 11 bore ball mold serial numbered to 3577, black leather bound Bartram “Extra Quality” flask, braided leather sling, and more.

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