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 A Resplendent Purdey Masterpiece by Simon Coggan
LOT 1585 gun stands out from the rest. Because of the bespoke nature and Incredible and Highly Desirable Factory Master Simon Coggan attention to detail of their best quality only guns it takes Purdey 18-24
Signed, Texas Themed Bulino Game Scene Engraved, and Gold Inlaid James Purdey & Sons .410 Bore Sidelock Over/Under Ejector Shotgun with Case - Serial no. 30511, 410 gauge, 28 inch solid rib bbl., blue/coin finish, walnut stock. James Purdey & Sons is one of the most highly regarded and outright revered names in the world of high grade firearms, a reputation rightfully earned over their long and storied existence. Every piece that they build is a work of art, deserving of placement in the finest collection, and even so, this
months to finish on of their over/under shotguns. This example no doubt inched toward the latter or beyond with its diminutive, purpose built .410 action and considerable amount of master engraving.
This incredible, delicately shaped .410 bore shows off outstanding decoration paying homage to the Lone Star State and is unlike anything the writer has seen before. This is a truly special piece and one will not see its like for years to come.

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