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The gun is built with lustrous high polish blue steel barrels featuring a single bead sight on the matted
flat solid rib, “J. PURDEY & SONS LONDON. ENGLAND” marked on the left side of the upper barrel ahead of the breech, light engraving band at the upper breech, and 2012 dated London proof marks along with the import marking on the flats. The gun is equipped with Teague thin walled screw in chokes (.012/.020 currently installed) and 3 inch chambers with automatic ejectors. The
dainty, Ultra Round, gorgeously brushed bright finished sidelock action has been masterfully decorated by the hands of Master Engraver Simon Coggan, an engraver of outstanding skill. Simon Coggan is the son of Master Engraver Phil Coggan, one of the most skilled engravers to ever pick up a hammer and chisel, and it is clear from the work on this gun that he taught his son well while Simon apprenticed under him in the early years of his career before blossoming into the sensational artist who’s work is exhibited on this gun. Coggan pulled out all of the stops for this rare .410 bore gun, showing off
a number of incredible skill sets all on one piece. The engraving consists of fine floral scroll engraving covering nearly the entire action and spilling onto both tangs, the triggerguard, and the toplever which shows off a gold
inlaid Texas “lone star”, all of which is over a blackened background. The scrollwork surrounds a “J. PURDEY & SONS” banner on the front of the lockplate bar as well as
a pair of beautifully cut bulino engraved game scenes. The engraving on the left lockplate displays a trio of desert quail flushing from a thicket of prickly pear cacti
in a desert scene and the right has a second trio of desert quail flushing from the base of a yucca plant with a field and windmill in the background. Both scenes are highly detailed and give wonderful feeling of depth and that one is standing in a west Texas field preparing to bag these birds. Simon Coggan has signed both lockplates in small boxes “S COGGAN” in tiny block letters at the bottom
of the scenes. A similar scene by S. Coggan is pictured
on page 315 of Donald Dallas’“James Purdey & Sons:
Gun and Rifle Makers; Two Hundred Years of Excellence” but lacks the distinctive Texas aura of this .410. The gun features a single non-selective trigger, gold centerlined cocking indicators on either lockplate, right hand rolled triggerguard, and a tang mounted automatic safety switch with gold inlaid “SAFE” marking. The walnut forend and pistol grip stock are both of exhibition quality a feature fine multi-point checkering with double line borders. The slim taper forend has coin finished and engraved fittings
including the push button release and a “J. PURDEY & SONS” banner across the shoe. The stock displays teardrop carved drop points, an engraved and coin finished
grip cap, a gold inscription oval with small flourishes around “SRM” at the center, and a checkered bare butt. Included with the gun is a fine oak & leather takedown case bearing a Purdey Trade label on the interior lid, the maintenance record book, five extra choke tubes (.002, .005, .009, .015, and .018), a set of snap caps, an oiler,
and a full set of cleaning tools. Stock measurements: 1 9/16 inch drop at comb; 2 3/16 inch drop at heel; 16 inch length of pull; cast-off; weight 5 lbs. 4 oz.
CONDITION: Excellent overall, retaining 99% plus original blue and bright finishes with minimal handling evidence, crisp masterfully cut engraving, and sharp checkering on the sensationally figured stock and forend. The case is very fine and the accessories are excellent. Mechanically excellent. While it may be possible to have another built in the same style, one would have to wait years for the privilege to own what could be had today, this is a truly special opportunity, do not let it get away!
Estimate: 150,000 - 250,000

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