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    LOT 1072
Very Scarce Miller Patent Pill-Lock Revolving Full-Stock Rifle - NSN, 44 cal., 32 1/4 inch octagon bbl., brown/casehardened/brass finish, walnut stock. James
Millar (Miller) (1800-1849) received the included patent for the design of this early American revolving rifle on June 11, 1829. This is one of the earliest American patents for revolving
arms and pre-dates Samuel Colt’s famous 1836 patent by several years. Millar and his brother John Jr. were gunsmiths in Rochester, New York, but soon moved to Michigan. Collectors
have long associated the design more strongly with Billinghurst, but over a dozen different gunmakers are known to have produced “Miller Patent” revolving rifles. The Millar/Miller marked examples
are particularly rare and desirable. The seven-groove rifled barrel has a small blade front sight and a notch rear sight and is marked “J.&J. MILLER/ROCHESTER” on top at the breech. The cylinder is smooth,
and the front cover has the small vent holes. The furniture is plain brass. The small German silver inlay on the wrist is hand marked with the letters “H C” or “H G.” A brass hunter’s star is inlaid on the cheekpiece of
the “Kentucky rifle” style full-stock. Replacement ramrod.
CONDITION: Very good with gray and brown patina on the iron, minor oxidation, aged patina on the furniture, and mild overall wear. Aside from a few chips, the wood is also very good and has mild overall wear. Mechanically fine. Estimate: 3,500 - 5,500
LOT 1073
Very Fine John D. Russ Half Stock Heavy Barrel Percussion Kentucky Rifle with Attractive German Silver Inlays - NSN, 49 cal., 34 inch octagon bbl., brown finish, German silver inlaid curly maple stock. This rifle has a heavy octagon barrel with 2 1/8 inch long diamond shaped German silver inlays on the top right, top, and top left flats in an alternating pattern with a 2 1/2 inch long tree shaped inlay at the breech on top. It is marked “1896” and “Jn. D. Russ” in script on the top flat between the inlays ahead of the rear sight with a faint etching with a “SS” shape inside of a banner at the breech behind the tree shaped inlay. The front of the barrel has a series of circles.
The included page from Robert Gardner’s “Small Arms Makers: A Dictionary of
Fabricators of Firearms, Edged Weapons, Crossbows and Polearms” indicates that Russ
filed patents assigned to F.F. McIntosh and A.J. Lyons of Spencer, West Virginia for a firearm and
three different trigger mechanisms between 1906-1908. Additional patents in the name of John D. Russ
of West Virginia from the 1890s and early 20th century were registered with the U.S. Patent Office including one for a lathe
attachment and another for a check valve for combustion engines. The consignor research indicates that Russ was a man of
varied talents who made firearms, registered various patents as noted above, and was also a jeweler which may explain the attractive inlays seen on this rifle. The side flats just below the blade front sight have round posts that may have been used to mount a false muzzle.
The rifle also features a fixed rear sight, double set triggers, and has brass ramrod tubes, round plaque on the forend, ornate trigger guard, patch box, and buttplate. There are also
additional German silver components including the forend cap, small circles and a diamond on the lock plate, the side plate, and a oval inlay on the left side of the butt. There is a brass piece fitted to protect the bolster. The upper tang has two empty screw taps likely used to mount a peep sight. It is fitted with an attractive, smooth curly maple half stock.
CONDITION: Fine. The rifle retains 50% of the original brown finish with some edge wear. The lock plate has a brown patina. The German silver is bright. The brass has an attractive aged patina. There are some overall light marks and scratches. The otherwise fine stock has a crack running from the butt towards the back of the trigger guard and has a small repair with a copper plate above the trigger. The set trigger is functional, but the hammer currently does not hold half or full cock.
Estimate: 2,500 - 3,750
LOT 1074
Tom Dawson Contemporary Half-Stock Hawken Percussion Rifle - NSN, 45 cal., 30 inch octagon bbl., antique finish, maple stock. This rifle is unmarked but was built by well-respected Hawken rifle maker Tom Dawson (1930-1989). It features blade and semi-buckhorn style sights, adjustable double set triggers, a pewter forend cap, maple stock, and iron furniture. CONDITION: Very good with 85% plus of the brown finish remaining on the barrel, aged case colors on the lock and furniture, and mild overall wear. The stock is good and has some nice figure, mild scratches, a faint crack through the toe section, and some clouding of the finish. Mechanically fine. Estimate: 1,800 - 2,750

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