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 LOT 3158
Rare Colt Gun & Carriage Company Ltd. Stock Share Certificate - Offered here is
a September 19, 1905, dated certificate for 70 shares of capital stock in The Colt Gun & Carriage Company Ltd. issued to one William Palmer Esq.
The certificate is signed at the bottom by both directors of the company and the secretary. The top of the certificate is numbered “2769” next to a vignette of cartridges and ammunition boxes above a scene of soldiers in a machine gun nest with iconic Colt 1895 “Potato Digger” machine guns. There is a bronze seal at the lower left side embossed with a 1895 Machine gun surrounded by a belt link.
CONDITION: Excellent, with limited storage and handling marks. The black ink has some light fading but is entirely legible. The blue ink shows little to no signs of fading. The seal is very fine with some creasing and light wear. This would make for an excellent display in any Colt Collection!
Estimate: 950 - 1,400
LOT 3159
Desirable Furr Miniature Model 1874 Gatling Gun and Carriage - Serial no. 120, 22 , 13 inch cluster bbl., bright finish. This
is a quality made scaled down functional copy of the Colt-Gatling Model 1874 in .22 LR. Brass construction with wooden wheels, with the underside of the main body marked “Made By/Furr Arms Co. Oren, Utah/Feb 1981.” The top of the body is fitted with a miniature Colt Gatling gun plaque. Includes a scaled down Broadwell type magazine. The major components and most of the small parts are stamped with the serial number “120”. Includes a hardwood carriage with brass fittings and yoke, transom and elevation adjustment, storage compartment for extra small parts. Carriage measures 18 inches high at the wheels, 26 inches wide across the axle, and approximately 27 inches long from the axle to the rear.
CONDITION: Very fine, with light handling marks, an attractive patina on the brass, and some light surface oxidation on the barrels. Mechanically needs adjustment as the mechanism will not advance past the current barrel. Carriage is
excellent with limited storage and handling marks. Estimate: 9,500 - 15,000
LOT 3160
Desirable Furr 1/3 Scale Copy of a Model 1883 Gatling Gun with Carriage and Accles Pattern Magazine - Serial no. 41, 22 S L LR , 12 inch cluster bbl., bright finish.
Manufactured in 1977, this is a 1/3 scale functional copy of the Colt/Gatling Model 1883. An evolution of Richard Gatling’s original 1862 design, the 1883 Gatling integrates a full
brass housing from the barrel group, which protects the mechanism from debris, sea spray, and other hazards, as well as the Accles pattern magazine, a donut-shaped drum with on-board drive rotor, which allows for higher and more consistent rates of fire than the gravity-fed magazines of earlier models. Overall measurements are 21 inches tall,
29 inches long and 23 inches across. The top of the body bears a reproduction of the original Colt/Gatling markings, with a set of elevation adjustable sights on either side, and Karl Furr and Paul Kuhni’s markings are on the underside of the gear box along with the 1972 production date. The gun is installed on a mostly brass carriage with traverse
and elevation adjustment equipment, a pair of on-board magazine storage boxes (one of which contains an extra Accles pattern magazine), and dismountable wheels. Matching
exterior numbers are present throughout.
CONDITION: Very fine, the brass has an attractive patina overall. There are two dents on
the right side of the magazine, but it is otherwise very fine. The carriage is also very fine and shows a few minor storage and handling marks. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 11,000 - 16,000

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