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 mainly concentrated on the protected areas of the frame. The brass
trigger guard, stock yoke and, buttplate has 40% of the silver-plated
finish. The exposed brass surfaces have a mellow age patina. The
cylinder has traces of the roll-engraved Ranger and Indian scene; the
serial number and proof marks are sharp. The cylinder safety pins are
present but battered. There is minor flash pitting on the rear cylinder face, percussion nipples, hammer well, hammer
and the face of the barrel lug and breech. The barrel wedge and adjoining portions of the barrel lug have the usual
disassembly dents and scratches. The revolver was apparently carried with the stock attached; the upper portions of the
grip have a strong impression of the stock lug. The balance of the grip is fine with moderate handling wear. The grips retain 50% of the original
varnish. The detachable stock is very good with scattered, minor handling marks and 80% of the original varnish present. The case exterior is fine
with light storage and handling marks. The interior is excellent condition. The green felt lining has two or three minor tears and some scattered and very minor oil
stains and compression marks. The interior label is fine. The flask, bullet mold, combination tool, and cartridge packet are all very fine with minimal wear. The cleaning rod,
oil bottle and cap tin are in very good - fine condition with some minor handling and storage wear. This very rare, matching number, London marked, 3rd Dragoon Revolver clearly saw real service in colonial Africa or elsewhere in the 19th century British Empire but remains in exceptional condition. It is one of a handful of Colt Dragoon Revolvers that can be found with the original, matching numbered detachable shoulder stock.
Provenance: The Herb Glass Collection; The Bobby Smith Collection; The Norm Vegely Collection.
Estimate: 45,000 - 65,000
LOT 3342
Rare London Cased Colt Hartford Third Model Dragoon Percussion Revolver with Matching Shoulder Stock - Serial no. 18209, 44 percussion cal., 7 1/2 inch bbl., blue finish, walnut stock, walnut grips. This extremely rare cased London Colt Third Model Dragoon Revolver was manufactured in 1858. The revolver has a four-screw frame, folding leaf rear sight mounted on the barrel at the breech, half-moon German silver front sight and detachable shoulder stock that is serial numbered to the revolver. The top barrel flat is roll-stamped: “COL. COLT LONDON-”. The serial number indicates that the revolver was manufactured in the Colt Hartford factory
in 1858 after Samuel Colt ceased production at the London factory in 1857. The revolver has
a blued barrel and cylinder, casehardened loading lever, hammer and frame and silver-plated, brass trigger guard and back strap. The one-piece walnut grip has a varnished finish. The detachable walnut stock is varnished finish with silver plated, brass yoke and buttplate. The cylinder is roll-engraved with the Ranger and Indian battle scene. “COLTS/PATENT” is roll-stamped on the left side of the frame. London “Crown/V” and “Crown/GP” proof and inspection marks are stamped on the left side of the barrel lug and between alternate chambers of the cylinder. The serial number, “18209”, is located on the barrel, frame, trigger guard, cylinder and back strap and the partial serial number “8209” is stamped on the loading lever. “18209” is also stamped on the underside of the tang and on the buttplate of the detachable stock.
All of the visible serial numbers match, and the consignor states that this is one of only two known Colt Dragoon Revolvers with a matching number shoulder stock. The consignor also states that this revolver was imported from Kenya by Herb Glass Sr. A Kenyan registration number, “K1990”, is stamped on the underside of the barrel, on the frame ahead of the trigger guard and on the stock buttplate. The revolver is complete with an oak, brass bound English case with nine compartments lined with green felt. The case lid has the typical English brass folding, circular carrying handle and small round brass plaque. The lid interior has a paper label glued to the top entitled: “DIRECTIONS FOR LOADING COLT’S PISTOLS.” and “DIRECTIONS FOR CLEANING.”. The case contains: (1) steel slotted cleaning rod, (2) screw driver/nipple wrench,
(3) blued, steel, two-cavity bullet mold with “COLT’S/PATENT” on the sprue cutter, (4) pewter oil bottle, (5) bag-shaped powder flask with brown lacquer body, gold plated adjustable spout and top marked: “J BARLOW/PATENT”, (7) assorted lead round balls and conical bullets, (8) a large
tin of “W. & C. ELEY” percussion caps for “Repeating Holster PISTOLS” and (9) two packet of six American Powder Co., “Combustible Envelope Cartridges” for 44/100 revolving holster pistols.
CONDITION: Fine. The revolver
retains 20% blue with the balance a smooth, dark brown patina
with 40% of the original casehardened finish

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