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LOT 3343
Exceptionally Fine Colt Model 1855 Percussion Revolving Full Stock Military Pattern Rifle - Serial no. 692, 56 Perc cal., 31 3/16 inch part octagon bbl., blue finish, walnut stock. Manufactured from 1856 to 1864 with total production of only about 9,310 among all variations of the Model 1855 Military rifle. This example is one of about 800 manufactured with a 31 3/16 inch barrel in .56 percussion. The top strap, left side of the frame and 5-shot fluted cylinder lack the standard Colt factory markings. The upper tang is marked “COLTS/PATENT.” The left side of the trigger guard is stamped with a small letter “K.” It is fitted with a front sight that also acts as a lug for a triangular bayonet (not included) and a three leaf rear sight graduated for 100, 300 and 600 yards. The matching serial number is marked on the bottom of
the frame, trigger guard tang and toe of the buttplate. The rifle has a metal cleaning rod with knurled bulbous type head and an
extension piece in the butt compartment. This extension piece is often missing. Sling swivels are mounted on the lower tang
and rear barrel band. Mounted on a smooth full forearm with two screw tension type barrel bands and a straight grip stock
with military type iron buttplate.
CONDITION: Exceptionally fine. The rifle retains 75% original blue finish with the balance a smooth gray
patina and light spotting. The hammer retains 75% original case colors, and the loading lever retains 40% of original case colors. The wood is fine with a crack under the loading lever and some minor-
moderate pressure dents and scratches. Mechanically excellent. An attractive Model 1855 Military rifle that will work well in any antique Colt longarm collection.
Estimate: 16,000 - 25,000

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