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 As the story goes, the Winchester distributor and members of U.S.R.A.C. were out to dinner at the famous Irma Hotel (built by Buffalo Bill in 1902) in Cody, Wyoming. After a few cocktails it was revealed that the U.S.R.A.C. was disappointed with their sales and discussed a possible promotion to sell the Ultra Grades to raise cash. It was at this dinner where the client came up with the idea to commission this set of rifles
discussed: That he was granted exclusive rights to any “Ultra Set” rifle sets manufactured by U.S.R.A.C.; that the U.S.R.A.C. agreed not to manufacture or offer for sale any similarly modified Ultras in calibers set forth, and the work to be performed which was: engraving, “metal finish and luster”, and barrel marked “Ultra Set”.
The original agreement called for 8 sets to be manufactured and delivered by March 1, 1985, which is less than one year after this contract was signed, July 31, 1984. The original order for 8 sets was only the first batch, and the client had planned on ordering additional sets after the initial 8 were delivered. However, the original order was not received by the consignor until the summer of 1986! The problem cited by the U.S.R.A.C. was the internal problem they were having at that time. In total only 8 sets were manufactured. All delivered to this one Winchester dealer and subsequently dispersed. Shortly after the delivery of the Ultra Sets, U.S.R.A.C. filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
This set of rifles is remarkably similar to the twenty-gun set of Browning Olympian Rifles Rock Island Auction sold in May of 2005 for $494,500 later known as the “Magnificent Twenty”. Much like the “Magnificent Twenty”, all of these rifles are factory engraved, signed, gold inlaid, consecutively serial numbered and chambered in a different and desirable caliber, and are all finished with a hand selected deluxe American black walnut stock.
Each of the rifles in this set is engraved at the shop of Bottega C. Giovanelli and is signed on the top left of the receiver. The Bottega C. Giovanelli shop is one of the most well-known and respected engraving shops in Italy and employs no fewer than five master engravers.
To our knowledge this is the fifth time one of the eight sets have come up for sale and been offered to the public in 36 years! This is truly a fleeting opportunity to own one of only 8 complete sets of these collectible Winchester Model 70’s!
in order to help the cash strapped U.S.R.A.C. The basis of the set was as follows: all rifles be a consecutive serial number set, all rifles were to be factory engraved and gold inlaid, all rifles were to be marked “Ultra Set” rather than "Ultra Grade", and most importantly all rifles were to be made in a different caliber. As noted above the Ultra Grades were only manufactured in the .270 Winchester so all rifles in the set would be totally unique and one-of-a-kind. Some of the calibers, such as .222 Rem, .223 Rem, 22-250, and 25-06, made their debut as a Model 70 in this set.
The client went to the U.S.R.A.C. plant in New Haven, CT, on July 30, 1984 to personally tour the custom shop and finalize the contract. In the original contract between him and the U.S.R.A.C. the following is

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