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    LOT 3052
Documented Factory
Engraved Winchester
Deluxe Model 1886 Lever Action Extra
Lightweight Takedown Short Rifle with Factory
  Letter - Serial no. 130842, 33 WCF cal., 22 inch round
bbl., blue finish, walnut stock. The accompanying factory letter confirms the round barrel in .33 caliber, plain trigger, checkered pistol
grip stock, full magazine, hard rubber shotgun buttplate, takedown configuration and factory engraving at an extra cost of $2.00. The letter also states the
rifle was received in the warehouse on April 18, 1904, and shipped the next day as well as listing a January 3, 1907, repair and return date. Model 1886 rifles
with special order barrels shorter or longer than the standard 26-inch barrel are scarce (writer believes 22 inch barrel was installed during the aforementioned
return and repair). Deluxe Model 1886s are also rare. As Winchester expert and author George Madis noted, “Deluxe Model 86s in the rifles made after 1900 are
hard to find, partly due to the higher cost of deluxe features.”The engraving on the receiver features floral scrollwork on stippled background, scalloped borders,
and a game scene on the left. The vignette depicts a stag in a forest scene. The engraving pattern closely resembles Winchester’s style 10 engraving, although “the
most economical offered,” as Madis pointed out, “is still equal to the more expensive grades” (“The Winchester Book,” page 316). Or as Winchester put it in period
advertising, “Anyone wishing to ornament a rifle at small expense will find this style very desirable, as it possesses the characteristics of the more elaborate and costly
styles.” The rifle is fitted with Marble No. 2 beaded blade front sight, an elevation adjustable rear sight, and a folding tang peep sight. The barrel has the two-line address
ahead of the rear sight and caliber designation at the breech along with the two-line nickel steel marking on the left side. The lower tang has the two-line patent dates marking
along with the serial number. Aftermarket sling swivels have been added to the underside of the forearm and buttstock. The forearm and pistol grip stock are deluxe walnut and feature factory “H” style
checkering. The buttstock is fitted with a hard rubber Winchester grip cap and shotgun buttplate. From its introduction, the Model 1886 was a popular choice for western hunters due to its power and rugged
dependability, remaining a popular choice well into the 20th century and the introduction of bolt actions on the market. Customers were not inclined to pay extra for special order features for a rifle considered a working gun, thus factory engraved Winchester deluxe Model 1886 extra lightweight short rifles are rare.
CONDITION: Very fine, retaining 70% original blue finish with thinning to brown on the balance and the takedown collar mostly a smooth brown-gray patina. The engraving is crisp. 50% original case colors remain on the hammer and lever. The wood is fine with non-factory installed swivels, minor dings and scratches and some wear in the overall well-defined checkering. Mechanically excellent. A solid representative example of a documented factory engraved Winchester deluxe Model 1886 extra lightweight takedown rifle missing from even the most advanced collections.
44 Estimate: 12,000 - 18,000

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