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Winchester Model 1895 Lever Action Rifle with Special Order Birdseye Maple Stock
and George Madis Letter - Serial no. 425772, 30 Army (30-40 Krag) cal., 24 inch round bbl., blue finish, checkered maple
stock. Manufactured in 1932 (per WACA), this standout Model 1895 has several rare factory features that are highly sought
after by today’s collectors and these special features have been examined and authenticated by renowned Winchester expert and author George Madis. In his accompanying authentication letter, Madis “determined it as original and having many rare features.”
The factory birdseye maple stock on this rifle is particularly rare special order feature. In the letter Madis remarked, “One of the rarest of features on this special rifle is the stock of special hard maple. ‘Birdseye’ and ‘tiger stripe’ are seen on this stock and forend, and on inside inspection shows factory inletting cuts as well as special fitting and finishing. On the rear of the forend and on
the stock under the buttplate are marked ‘772,’ the last three digits of the serial number. It is unusual to find such markings on a gun made during this period.” According to Madis, one of each 900 Model 1895s had special wood (see “The Winchester Book,”
page 487). Madis noted that the brass buttplate, another special order feature, also had the matching last three digits of the serial number (“772”) and concluded that based on the shape it was originally a Swiss buttplate with the upper and lower prongs removed. The stock and forearm checkering is in the Winchester “H” pattern and is original. The cheekpiece is of special note. “A cheekpiece was ordered on this rare stock,” wrote Madis, “and it is the correct style for a gun of this period. This style and shape of cheekpiece is found on the Model 52 and 54 as well as other special stocks of the 1930s period.”
The caliber designation “.30 ARMY” is stamped on top of the receiver as well as on the left side of the barrel at the breech. 30-40 Krag was a popular caliber and Madis noted that standard barrel length for this caliber on this model was 28 inches. The 24 inch barrel on this rifle is therefore a rare length. The
“WINCHESTER PROOF STEEL” marking stamped on
the left side of the barrel is “a rarely seen marking.”
The underside of the barrel has the “CMS” marking
for Crucible Chrome-moly Steel. Madis noted, “The barrel material is rarely found on the 1895 model, it is found more often on Model 54 rifles made at the time of production of this ‘95.” The front sight is by Lyman and, according to Madis, is “the type frequently seen on special order Winchesters.” The rear sight dovetail is filled. The Lyman receiver sight was available on Model 95s circa 1920s to 1940 and has the additional special feature of windage adjustment and a small flip up aperture.
CONDITION: Fine. The barrel retains 85% plus original blue finish and the remaining surfaces retain 60% original blue finish with smooth brown-gray patina on the balance. The wood is very fine with a slight chip and a couple of hairline cracks at the upper tang, much of the original varnish remaining, some minor handling marks, and crisp checkering. Mechanically excellent.
As Madis noted, “Number 425772 is one of the rarest of 1895 models; with the special markings, maple wood, deluxe and special features, special barrel and excellent condition, it is an outstanding Winchester.”
Estimate: 14,000 - 22,500

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