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 Once up Kettle Hill, the Rough Riders turned their attention to storming the heights of San Juan Hill. Soon an ominous noise rose from the field of battle. Roosevelt wrote: “One or two of the men cried out, ‘The Spanish machine guns!’ but, after listening a moment, I leaped to my feet and called, ‘It’s the Gatlings men! It’s our Gatlings!’ Immediately the troopers began to cheer lustily, for the sound was most inspiring.”
CONDITION: Fine. The brass breech casing exhibits an attractive darkened golden aged patina with scattered
mild handling marks. The modern replacement barrels retain 99%
original blue finish with some light handling marks. Scattered light to moderate pitting visible on the iron components. Modern replacement bolts, breech plug, firing pin cutoff switch and magazine. Mechanically excellent. The carriage is fine with
some light paint chips, replacement wheel pins, and is sturdy overall. This
is a solid representative example of a Colt U.S. Model 1897 Gatling gun with a desirable iron carriage. This would make an excellent addition to any museum or high quality U.S. military collection! Estimate: 120,000 - 180,000

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