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      Winchester Shooter George E. Albee - Serial no. 4408, 45-70 WCF cal., 26 inch octagon bbl., nickel plated finish, walnut stock. This is an extremely rare piece from the George Albee collection. All Winchester cutaway/skeleton rifles are extremely rare, but those actually used in trials
are even more rare and scarcely scene on the open market. Included with the rifle is a series of documents including letters from Norm Flayderman who acquired the rifle as part of Albee’s collection back in the 1970s. Lieutenant George Emerson Albee (1845-1918) was a Civil War and Indian Wars veteran who served in Berdan’s Sharpshooters during the War Between the States and was wounded at Bull Run and then discharged. Two months later, he re-enlisted in the
3rd Wisconsin Light Artillery and then the 36th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry and was captured in August 1864 at the Battle of Ream’s Station, Virginia. After the war, he served as a lieutenant in the 36th U.S. Colored Infantry in 1866, then the 41st U.S. Infantry until 1869, and finally the 24th U.S. Infantry until 1878 when he retired from the Army. He received the Medal of Honor for heroism during the Indian Wars in 1869 after he and two men under his command charged and chased off a force of eleven Native American warriors in Minnesota. After retiring from military service, he worked as a professional exhibition shooter and designer for Winchester. While working for Winchester, he was directly involved with the designing and promotion of the new Hotchkiss Magazine Rifles. As noted in an included handbill from Winchester, Albee used one as a single loader at the Creedmoor matches in 1882 and shot 19 shots for a score of 50 on August 2, 20 shots for a score of 62 on September 27, and 19 for a score
of 60 on October 18. He was the winner of the Lorillard Gold Medal thanks to his fine shooting skills and his Hotchkiss. Included copy of letters from Winchester’s vice-president in August 1882 to Albee discuss the event above, ammunition requested by Albee, and asks: “Fix it among yourselves to win the medal and stop the match as quickly as you can; you will see the force of this advice.” He was the presenter
96 of the Geronimo capture presentation Winchester Model
connections with Winchester, his collection contained some extremely rare and one-of-a-kind items. This is an excellent example of a rare original Winchester factory Model 1881 Hotchkiss “Cutaway” bolt action rifle. This wonderful rifle is accompanied by two Winchester factory letters, one from September 1986 and one from February 1999. Both letters verify that this rifle is an original factory skeleton model
with a rare full “nickel plated” finish and was received in the warehouse on January 19, 1881, and shipped two days later with an octagon barrel in the “New System.” This rifle was also on loan/display to the Washington College Museum for many years. The left side of the receiver is marked with the standard Winchester Repeating Arms three-line address/patent dates with the serial number (4408) stamped on the left receiver rail. The barrel is fitted with the standard sporting rear sight and a German silver blade front sight. The complete left side of the receiver, safety mechanism and internal magazine tube area have all been cutaway to show the internal mechanisms. It is fitted with the original one-piece black walnut varnished stock with a smooth buttplate. It is estimated that not more than a handful of these early cutaway or “skeletonized” Hotchkiss rifle were ever produced. A similar example is pictured and discussed in “Winchester Bolt Action Military & Sporting Rifles, 1877 to 1937” by Herbert Houze.
CONDITION: Very fine with 60% of the documented original Winchester factory nickel plated finish remaining overall, with thinning on the barrel, the top and side of the action, the trigger guard and cutaway areas. The stock is also very fine with most of the original factory varnish overall with slightly more wear on the left side in the areas that are cutaway around the magazine assembly. This is a very fine, all original condition, and fully documented Winchester Model 1881 factory cutaway rifle formerly in the historic George E.
Albee Collection!
Provenance: The George E. Albee Collection; The Norm Flayderman Collection; Property of a Gentleman. Estimate: 10,000 - 18,000
George E. Albee
 LOT 3151
Extremely Rare Documented Winchester Factory Hotchkiss “Skeleton” Bolt Action Rifle Originally from the Collection of Medal of Honor Recipient and
1886 rifle (SN# 1!). In 1891, he was apparently drawn back into the military and served as a captain and then major and brigade inspector of rifle practice in Company D of the 2nd Connecticut National Guard Regiment. Due to his

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