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Exceptional and Scarce U S S Navy Contract
Colt Model 1900 “Sight Safety” Semi-Automatic Pistol
Ultra-Rare WWI US Army Pedersen Device with M1903 Mark I Springfield Rifle Magazine Metal Automatic Bolt Carrier Ammunition and Accessories
Double Action
Exceptionally Fine Documented 1941 Production World War
Outstanding II U U S S Colt Model 1911A1 World War
II II U U S S S Marked Pistol
Attributed to to to Col Col W W W Winchester Model 12 Slide Action
Trench Shotgun with Thorington a a a a a Bomber Pilot Bayonet Pouch and Ammunition World War
II U S S S S Springfield M1 Garand Semi-Automatic Rifle Scarce and Desirable
Presentation Grade “EXP”
Series Serial Number 12 U U S S S S S S Union Switch & Signal Model 1911A1 Semi- Automatic Pistol
with U S S S S M1912 Pistol
Cleaning Kit
Rare North American Arms Co Model 1911 Semi- Automatic Pistol
Serial Number 56
Scarce U S S Rock Island Arsenal Holster for a a a Test Luger Semi- Rare Smith & Wesson Mark I Semi- Automatic Light Rifle Automatic Pistol
Exceptional World War
II U S Johnson Automatics Model 1941 Semi-Automatic Rifle Exceptional U S S S S S Springfield M1C Garand Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle with M84 Scope U S S Air Force Smith & Wesson Lightweight M13
Revolver with U S A F Holster Scarce Colt U S S Navy Model 1909 Double Action
Revolver Over 500 U U S S Military Military Arms in this Auction
with Milestone Serial Number “1500000”
Very Scarce Documented World War
I U S S S S S S S Springfield Model 1903 Bolt Action
Sniper Rifle with Matching Numbered Warner & Swasey Scope Scope Mount Bayonet and Scope Scope Case Semi-Automatic illiam Patteson
in the Pacific Theater
Rare Documented Vietnam Era U S S S M M M C Trials/ Salesman Sample Remington Model 870 Mark 1 Wingmaster Slide Action
Trench Shotgun with Remington Employee Letter of Provenance and Bayonet Rare Unopened U U S Navy Atlantic Escape and Evasion “Barter Kit”
Exceptionally Rare Prototype
Colt Government
Model “Cartridge Indicator” Semi-Automatic Pistol
1 2 Rock Island Auction
Company • • Premier Firearms Auction
• • August 26 27 & 28 Desirable
World War
II Inland T-3 Semi- Automatic Carbine with M2 Infrared Sniper Scope and Power Supply Box
Highly Desirable
Painted Word War
II USAAF A-2 Flight Jacket Identified to a a a 77th Fighter Fighter Squadron P-51 Fighter Fighter Pilot with Personal Effects

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