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ncredibly Scarce Late 8th Century European lintlock Grenade auncher/Hand Mortar
with Relief Carved Stock
1592 Dated Wheellock Hand Mortar/Grenade Launcher
Engraved and Wire Inlaid Smoothbore Wheellock Sporting Gun with Carved Stock
Exhibition Quality Grape Relief Chiseled and Extensively Gold Inlaid Plomdeur Percussion Double Barrel Shotgun with Raised Relief Carved Ebony Stock
Elaborate Sailer of Ehingen Double Barrel Flintlock Shotgun with Relief Cast Gilt Silver Plated
I 1 F L Rock Island Auction Auction Company • • Premier Firearms Auction Auction • • August 26 27
Attractive Documented Early 18th Century Pair of Gilt Engraved and Relief Carved Thomas Hamerlitz 24 Bore Flintlock Horse Pistols with Bronze Barrels and Locks Formerly in the Collection
of Clay P Bedford
Elaborate Pair of Presentation/Exhibition Grade Silver Mounted Gilt and Engraved Flintlock Pistols by Bizouard of Marseille for the Eastern Market
Rare and Historic
H H Nock
Manually Revolved Seven-Shot Boxlock Flintlock Pepperbox Pistol
& 28
Incredible Relief Chiseled Engraved Gold Accented and Incredibly Scarce Lorenzoni Type Lever Action Repeating Flintlock Rifle
Exceptionally Fine Cased Pair of of Arlot of of Paris Flintlock Officer’s Pistols with Accessories
Fine Cased Pair of Silver Inlaid Johann Andreas Kuchenreuter Flintlock Pistols Raised Relief Carved John Shaw 21-Bore Flintlock Sporting Gun Formerly of the W Keith Neal Collection
Rare Relief Carved and Inlaid 17th
Century Flintlock Pistol
with Fantastic Carved Bust Pommel Attributed to Master Carver Johann Michael Maucher

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