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Large Unmarked Confederate Style D-Guard Bowie Knife with Ink Inscribed Sheath
Massive “E T Henry” Etched Bowie Style Knife with Sheath
Civil War
W W H H Horstmann
& Sons Model 1840 Foot Officer’s Sword with Scabbard Inscribed to Union General and First National Rifle Association President Ambrose E Burnside
Historic Documented Civil War
Gilt Presentation Ames Mfg Co Militia Officer
Sword with Pearl Grip Helmet Pommel and Scabbard Inscribed to Captain
James Davidson Commander of Fort Constitution
Ring Percussion Carbine Dated 1847
Medal of Honor Recipient Major General Alexander Shaler’s Antebellum Era Inscribed Presentation Eagle Pommel Horstmann
& Sons Militia Officer’s Sword with Engraved Silver Grip & Scabbard Buffalo Bill Presentation Inscribed Silver Plated and Engraved Remington “Improved New Model Navy” Cartridge Revolver with Holster and and Documentation Identified as Owned by Pawnee Scouts Leader and and Buffalo Bill Wild West Showman Frank J North
Desirable Civil War
Er Second Model LeMat “Grap Shot” Percussion Revolve Very Scarce U S S S Simeon North
Model 1811 Flintlock Pistol
Civil War
Confederate Griswold and Percussion Revolver Buffalo Bill Cody
a e e r
Outstanding Civil War
U S S Spencer Model 1860 Army Repeating Rifle with Sling and Bayonet
Outstanding U S Inspected Civil War
Rogers & Spencer Army Model Percussion Revolver Very Rare Centerfire LeMat Combination Revolving Carbine Scarce LeMat Percussion “Grapeshot” Revolving Carbine Documented Pre-Civil War
U S S Sharps Original Model 1859 Brass Mounted Breech Loading Percussion Carbine with First Type “Single
Civil War
Berdan Sharpshooter Range Sharps Sharps New Model 1859 Percussion Military Rifle with Double Set Triggers
Rail” Breech Block
Very Scarce and Exceptional Joslyn Model 1855 “Monkey Tail” Breech Loading Percussion Saddle Ring Carbine Desirable and Rare Civil War
Confederate Morse Third Type Breech Loading Center-Fire Carbine Excellent Mexican-American War
Era U S S S Simeon North
Model 1843 Side Lever Hall Breech Loading Saddle 7

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