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Wild Bill Hickok’s Historic Smith & Wesson Model No 2 Old Army Revolver with Documentation
Wild Bill Hickok Rare Silver Banded
and and Plated Patent
Arms Manufacturing Company Colt Baby Paterson Pocket Percussion Revolver Iconic and and Transcendent Gustave Young Factory Presenation Engraved Colt Colt Colt Colt Model 1855 “Root” Percussion Revolver Inscribed to to Colt Colt Colt Colt Employee and and Samuel Colt’s Colt’s Timekeeper James McClatchie from Colt’s Colt’s P P F A M M M Co Co Co Co Pursuit ’ ’ Extremely Rare Documented Winchester Model 1873 “One of
One One Hundred” Lever Action Rifle with Factory Letter
Stunning John Armstrong Signed Engraved Silver Inlaid and Relief Carved Golden Age Percussion American Long Rifle The Finest Known 1891 Production Rinaldo Carr Inspected U S S Colt Cavalry Model Single Action Army Revolver with John Kopec Gold Seal Letter
Presentation L D Nimschke Zouave Panel Scene Engraved Gold and Silver Plated Smith & Wesson Model No 2 Old Army Revolver with Inscribed Pearl Grips and Case Featuring Incredibly Rare Key Lanyard
Historic Cased Civil
War Schuyler Hartley & Graham Rich Presentation Officer Sword to Captain Israel
C C Smith of
the 3rd Michigan Volunteer Volunteer Infantry and 10th Michigan Volunteer Volunteer Cavalry with a a a a a a a a a a a Figural Statue Hilt and Scabbard

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