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   This box was sent through the mail at least once as the underside has four period U.S. stamps (one 1 cent and three 2 cent stamps) and illegible return and delivery addresses. It would appear that the delivery address is to somewhere in Texas.
CONDITION: Exceptionally fine, retaining 75% original blue finish with thinning to brown on the balance. 70% plus original case colors remain on the hammer and frame. The grips are excellent with a few minor handling marks and crisp checkering. Mechanically excellent. The box is fair with repairable split lid corners, picture label, mostly complete end label. Due to a low survivability rate, these Colt SAA picture boxes are rarely encountered in any condition. Even the most advanced SAA collections lack one of these boxes. A solid representative example of a pre-1899 SAA with the nearly impossible to find period correct most likely original Colt factory picture box. This SAA will definitely enhance any Colt collection.
Estimate: 40,000 - 60,000

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