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    According to the book The 36 Calibers of the Colt Single Action Army by David Brown, only 24 Colt Flattop Single Actions were produced in .32 Colt
Colt San Francisco Agency Shipped Black Powder Single Action Army Flattop Target .32 Colt Revolver with Factory
  LOT 118
Letter - Serial no. 130435, 32 Colt cal., 7 1/2 inch round bbl., blue finish, hard rubber grips. Offered here is a rarity is SAA collecting as it is one of only 925 Single Action Army Flattop Target revolvers manufactured by Colt between 1888 and 1896, and one of only 24 chambered in .32 Colt (see David Brown’s “The 36 Calibers of the Colt
Single Action Army,” page 202). The accompanying factory letter confirms the flattop configuration with 7 1/2 inch barrel in .32 caliber, blue finish and hard rubber stocks. The letter also states
the revolver was shipped on November 9, 1889 to Colt’s San Francisco Agency, San Francisco, CA. This was a single gun shipment. The barrel has the one-line Hartford address and lacks a caliber marking. The revolver is fitted with target sights. The frame has the three-line patent dates marking. “32 CAL” is stamped on the left side of the trigger guard. Matching serial numbers appear are on the frame, trigger guard and back strap. The last two digits of the serial number (“35”) are hand marked on the back of each grip panel.
CONDITION: Very fine, retaining 60% plus bright original high polish blue finish with a smooth brown patina on the balance and some pitting. The grips are fine with overall crisp checkering. Mechanically excellent. A very scarce black powder Colt Single Action Army Flattop Target .32 Colt Revolver missing from even the most advanced collections.
Estimate: 7,500 - 12,000
  LOT 119 Antique Colt Bisley Flattop Target Model Single Action .455 Eley Revolver - Serial no. 161303, 455 eley cal., 7 1/2 inch round bbl., blue finish, walnut grips. Manufactured in 1895, this high condition antique Colt Bisley Flattop Target Revolver is chambered in .455 Eley. The earliest Bisley Flattop Target Revolver first
appeared in 1894, and per research presented by noted Colt historian R.L. Wilson in “The Book of Colt Firearms,” Colt manufactured 196 of these Bisley Flattops chambered in .455 Eley (page 252). Total Bisley Flattop production was 976 revolvers. These revolvers were designed as the premium Colt target revolver of the day with a redesigned frame which provided a better grip angle for competitive target shooting. The term Bisley was actually adopted after a group of British pistol shooters used these very successfully at the Bisley matches in England. The barrel is marked with the one-line Hartford address on top and “455 ELEY” on the left side. The left side of the frame is marked with the two-line patent dates marking followed by an encircled Rampant Colt. London proofs appear
on each cylinder flute and on the underside of the barrel. The revolver has target sights and two-piece plain walnut grips. The matching full serial number appears on the frame, trigger guard, and back strap. The rear cylinder face as the matching partial serial number “1303.” CONDITION: Very fine, retaining 75% plus bright original high polish blue finish showing holster type wear and thinning to brown on the balance. The grip straps are mostly a smooth brown-gray patina mixed with some original blue finish. The period refinished grips are fine with some minor handling marks. Mechanically excellent. A very fine original antique representative example of the famed Colt Bisley Flattop Target Revolver in .455 Eley. Estimate: 6,000 - 9,000

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