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 As confirmed by the factory letter the silver Rampant Colt medallion grips are factory. Matching assembly number β€œ977” appears on the back of the frame and loading gate. Matching serial numbers are on the frame, trigger guard and back strap. Colt manufactured a very limited quantity of smoothbore SAAs that were chambered only in .44-40 WCF and .45 LC. Based on research presented in β€œThe 36 Calibers of the Colt Single Action Army,” author David Brown states that Colt only manufactured 16 .44 smoothbore SAAs (total includes one Bisley Model). They are true rarities and highly desirable. In fact, this is only the second example of its type that we have cataloged (see no. 157892 sold in our December 2019 Premier No. 78 Auction), and as the finest known example, this SAA will make a grand statement to even the most advanced Colt collection.
According to the Book of Colt Firearms, only 15 Colt Single Action Army revolvers were produced in .44-40 Smoothbore

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