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Stunning Exhibition Quality Relief Chiseled, 1855 Dated Silver Mounted and Gold Inlaid Francisco Barrenechea Marked Spanish Miquelet Percussion Escopeta with Catalan Stock from the Mac McCroskie Collection - NSN, 14 gauge, 24 inch part octagon bbl., gold/silver/brown/blue/ casehardened finish, highly figured walnut stock. Francisco Barrenechea is listed in Eibar in 1846 in “Spanish Guns and Pistols” by W. Keith Neal and 1846- 1858 in “Der Neue Stockel” by Heer. The multi-stage, smoothbore barrel was made from recycled horseshoe stubs, a desirable material in the period, and has a silver band at the muzzle, silver blade front sight with silver wreath around the base, interlaced scroll and floral engraving with gilt backgrounds
at the midsection followed by sculpted bands ahead of the octagonal breech section which is marked “PARA USO DE” (upper left), “DON JUAN DE” (top), and “REINA NUNES” (upper right) as well as “RETORCIDO DE HERRADURAS” (upper left), “POR FRANCISCO BARRENECHEA” (top), and “EN EIBAR ANO DE 1855.” (upper right) in gold inlay, gold sunken cartouches including Francisco Barrenechea’s maker’s mark, and gold borders at the breech. The sculpted breech plug and standing breech have gold scroll patterns on a stippled background, and the elegant swept trigger guard, trigger plate finial, belt hook, and buttplate also have coordinating gold scrollwork and stippled backgrounds, and the side plate has coordinating silver inlays with stippled backgrounds. The lock has “F.O BARRENECHEA” in gold inlay above the mainspring, scroll and floral engraving, a bestial hammer, and gilt accents. The forend band, ramrod pipe and barrel band with pierced scrollwork, and bestial shaped band spring plate
are silver. The stock has the classic Catalan profile, raised floral carving at the barrel tang, and attractive flame figure.
CONDITION: Extremely fine with nearly all of the original gold, aged patina on the silver, 75% plus original blue on the furniture, traces of original case colors, 85% brown finish and distinct patterns on the barrel, and smooth gray patina on the balance. The otherwise very fine stock has a discreet repaired break from the lock panel through the wrist, distinct carving, a few chips at the sides of the forend tip, minor marks and scratches, smooth finish, and attractive figure. Mechanically excellent.
Provenance: The Mac McCroskie Collection.
Estimate: 9,500 - 14,000

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