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  LOT 219
Elaborate Exhibition Grade Pair of Gold Damascened LePage Moutier Percussion Dueling
Pistols -A) LePage Moutier Dueling Pistol - NSN, 50 cal., 9 3/4 inch octagon bbl., gold/grey finish, inlaid ebony stock. Gilles Michel Louis Moutier-LePage (1810-1887) married Louis Didier Faure’s daughter and succeeded Jean Andre Prosper LePage’s shop in Paris in 1854. He signed his guns “LePage Moutier” and was active until 1868 when Emile Henry Faure LePage took over. LePage Moutier won silver medals at the Parisian expositions in 1844 and 1849 and a 1st Class medal in 1855. He also received medals at the Great Exhibition in London in 1851 and in 1862. The rifled octagon barrels have near full-coverage gold scroll, dot, line, and floral patterns as well as putti/cherubs, birds, “LE PAGE MOUTIER” on the upper left flats, “ARQER DU ROI” on the upper right flats, and “acier fondu” on the bottom flats. A date and serial number may be hidden underneath the barrel, but the wedges are stuck. The standing breeches have fixed notch rear sights, and the standing breeches, locks, and furniture have coordinating gold patterns, including putti/cherubs throughout, masks and wyverns on the pommels, and “1” and “2” respectively behind the rear sights.

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