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LOT 222
Incredible Chiseled, Engraved, Silver Inlaid, and Silver Mounted
von der Fecht Flintlock Jaeger Rifle - NSN, 58 cal., 31 inch octagon bbl., silver/gold/bright finish, walnut stock. This rifle by Johann Friedrich von der Fecht Jr. in Berlin in the first quarter of the 19th century was built using a very ornate barrel from an earlier 17th century wheellock rifle likely by the “Meister der Tierkopfranke” (Master of the Animal-Head Scroll). For examples see the MET’s rifle (Accession Number: 2018.103) for example and lot 221 from our September 2021 sale. The swamped, six-groove rifled barrel has essentially full coverage raised relief sculpted metal and gold and silver inlaid damascene embellishment in a variety of complex floral and classical patterns, including two harpy-esque deigns by the dovetailed silver blade front and notch rear sights, entwining silver lines along the
sides, gold floral designs, rope borders along the edges, a gold vent liner, and floral design and border in silver on the tang. The lock is signed “v.d. Fecht jun/a Berlin” and has a semi-waterproof pan, frizzen spring roller, floral and border engraving, and burst patterns on the top jaw and behind the fence. The lock is fired using adjustable double set triggers. The walnut stock has a horn forend cap, checkered wrist, contrasting ebony trigger guard, rounded cheekpiece, wooden patch box lid, and elegant silver trim and fittings, including small wedge escutcheons, silver wire scroll inlays with floral blooms, a pineapple ramrod entry-pipe finial, ornate floral trigger guard finial, raised boar on the trigger guard bow, smaller boar on the patch box near the tail, and a raised floral finial on the heel plate which extends down the otherwise bare butt with an entwining design and
floral bloom.
CONDITION: Fine overall with lightly aged gold, darker aged patina on the silver, dark bluish patina on the barrel, silver-gray patina on the lock, mostly crisp engraving and designs, crack at the front of the trigger guard bow, some slivers of inlay absent, section of bent silver trim on the butt, loose trim on the patch box, and crisp checkering, some nice figure, and general mild overall wear on the refinished wood. Mechanically fine. This is a very interesting German jaeger rifle built with a very ornate early rifle barrel from the 17th century.
Provenance: The Tom Lewis Collection.
Estimate: 5,000 - 7,500

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