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Unique/Unusual Scarce Engraved J.G. Dachtine “Waterproof” Enclosed Lock Flintlock Sporting Gun From the Famous Henk L. Visser Collection - NSN, 16 gauge, 34 4/8 inch part octagon bbl., bright finish, walnut stock. This gun is based on Henry Nock, William Jover, and John Green’s patent 1095 from April 8, 1775, for a “lock of which is so concealed that there is not the least appearance of it on the outside, nor any spark of fire or smoke arises from the same which will in any respect affect or obstruct the sight of the object...” and claimed that firearms using this design could be used in inclement weather without issue and even left in the rain for a whole day and then fired without re-priming. Variations based on their design outside of the U.K. are known, including examples in Army Museum in Lisbon and the Musee de l’Armee in Paris. This c. 1780 sporting gun lacks their patented gas/smoke escape tube and is featured on pages 258 and 259 of “The Visser Collection” Vol. 1, Part 4. Its two-stage barrel has straight rifling with some narrower grooves only at the muzzle. The breech section also forms the lower section of the action and is engraved with scroll, floral, and shell engraving and features girdles at the transition point and a decorative band at the breech. The upper ramrod ferrule is fitted to the bottom of the barrel, and a pierce iron barrel band with double headed Reichsadler and scroll pattern holds the forearm. The action is engraved with ornate rococo style scroll and floral engraving along with scenes of animals. The right side is signed “J*G* DACHTINE,” and the left has “A*AIX*LACHAPELLE.” Pressing a stud on the right pops open the top cover revealing the flintlock mechanism inside. The lid has coordinating engraving and features the dished rear sight which slides and engages the top edge of the frizzen. The stock and forearm have light molding and carved accents and a gracefully shaped cheekpiece. The iron buttplate is engraved en suite with the action. CONDITION: Good with silver-gray patina and some light surface pitting. The forend has a worn inventory number in white on the left (appears to be “1184”), crisp carving and molding, and a faint crack on the left. The buttstock has several small worm holes, distinct molding, a splice to the right of the buttplate tang, and minor dings and scratches. The ramrod is broke. Mechanically needs work (possibly just a worn sear). Provenance: The H.L. Visser Collection; Property of a Gentleman. Estimate: 7,000 - 11,000

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